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  1. Luciana Di Prospero

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    Hello! so, my name is Luciana Di Prospero, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and im 27 years old. I have a lot of things in my little and insignificant southamerican life, such as a family, a job, studies (currently in progress), and a lot of hobbies. I love to spend my time with videogames, papermodels, TV series, music, and other things that take my mind of the daily life.I stumbled upon papercraft almost 5 years ago, I dont even remember what I was looking online; and since then, I began to love the amazing things people do with paper, and the awesome world behind papercraft. The other topic that interests me are resin models, although those are really expensive to get here in my country.I bought my first one not too long ago, and fell in love with the dedication and the fine art that envolves the making of such a fantastic thing. I happen to be very metodical in my work; everything has to be perfect and in its place (wich is sort of a must for someone who works with this stuff :p), the right set of paint, steady hand to not mess up the parts, and all the other tiny little details that make this art super interesting to me. So... as you can see I like to talk too :p, and I dont really know what else to tell you except that Im eager to be a part of this community and thank you all for the oportunity..
    Sincerily, Luciana Di Prospero.
  2. Rhaven Blaack

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    Hello Luciana,

    Welcome to Zealot.
    Please let me start with saying that NO ONE is insignificant (including you).:) Everyone matters!thumbsup
    If I may ask, what genre are you interested in? What is it that you like to build? Is there anything specific that you are looking for?
    If you have any photos of the projects that you have finished (or even photos of current projects), please post them (WE LOVE SEEING PHOTOS)!

    If you have any questions, comments, concerns, need help or advice, please feel free to ask and we will do what we can to help you (or at least point you in the right direction).

    Once again, welcome aboard. I hope that you will enjoy yourself here. I am looking forward to seeing your work!
  3. Revell-Fan

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    Hello and welcome to Zealot! :)

    Thank you very much for joining the forum and this introduction. It has made me curious to see which models you have already built and which topics you are interested in.

    Please show us some pics! Do you design models yourself, too?

    Meanwhile, make yourself comfortable and have fun and enjoy! :)
  4. Luciana Di Prospero

    Luciana Di Prospero New Member

    hi, so yes... sorry, forgot to tell what type of papercraft i actually like :p, I started doing models of the games I play,since my very first papercraft ( the sheep from the spell polymorph in World of Warcraft, RIP Dolly, she died of a massive crush due to silly nieces:() and since then I do every model thats out there that has to do with the games I love.I also like car models a lot, specially the ones with interior, couse, like I said, I love to spend time doing really small and dificult stuff. Among the papercrafts I assembled, are Female Sheppard, from the Mass Effect Series, along with her trusty M8 rifle, all papercraft belong to very talented people in Deviantart from where I got them, and Im thankful they shared that little piece of art with me to immortalize my character :D. I also made a 200 pages bumblebee Camaro, wich I gifted to my sister becouse shes a very deranged fan of both, Transformers and cars.chevy. Err, I made a hydralisk for my best friend, since hes a zerg lover (Zerg unit in the game Starcraft, from Blizzard) for his birthday, The Normandy SR-1 as a gift to my boyfriend, and SR2 as a gift to me :p, and yes I actually make a lot of papercraft for my dear siblings and friends couse I dont actually have the phisical space to get all the models I want for myself; and, honestly, If I actually had every papercraft I love in my house, I wouldnt have space to sleep :p. So, what I get from writing this is, that I actually love to make them, to take the time and assemble them. I have a LOTS and I mean LOTS of proyects that I want to do and little time to do them, so I tend to be picky about my next proyect. So the thing that Im currently working on right now is Saber from the Anime Fate Stay Night, wich is the property of yet another awesome artist on the web....
    So the pic is actually taken from work, when you work at a pharmacy and you need to do night shifts and be awake for literally HOURSwhen everyone else is asleep, papercraft is the way to go... :D Sorry about the quality, I had a very bad cellphone back then. 1358691968242.jpg 1358692099930.jpg
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  5. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    The car looks GOOD!
    It sounds like you have quite a few interests (that is always a good thingthumbsup)!
    You have come to the right place for gaming and SCI-FI models.
    We have many members who are into both (I am a certified, self proclaimed SCI-FI geek, myself :cool:).
    Paper models are GREAT gifts INDEED! I have given MANY paper models to both friends and family (as gifts for many occasions). The BEST thing about that is, every time you visit your friends or family (that you have given models to) you can always see that model (or models) and see the enjoyment that that person gets from having that model and being able to show it off to other friends and being able to say that you were the one who made it for him/her.
  6. zathros

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    You seem like a very kind person. Making models like that, which take so much time, and giving them to someone is very special. Welcome to ZEALOT. We are Happy you found us! :)

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