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  1. Shortboy

    Shortboy New Member

    I'm completely new to the card model world.
    I actually built alot of plastic models, but have been out of the model scene for many years.

    I just recently heard of Card Modeling and it rekindled my erge to model again. It looks like the costs to get into the hobby would be minimal also, and that's a plus.

    I have to admit, when I first heard of card modeling just recently I had visions of paper airplanes and low quality models, but man was I wrong!
    The models I've seen look to be nicely detailed and of very high grade quality. Also the craftmanship of the modelers is really top notch!

    I'm looking forward to trying some models :)
    My interests are mostly with ships, but I hope to try some other types also.

    Can anyone recommend some free ship models or some good reasonably priced ship models for a beginner ( with modeling experience ) to try out?

    Thanks and I hope to be able to contribute regularly to this forum,
  2. phlpsfrnk

    phlpsfrnk New Member

    Check out Home They have some very nice free ship models.
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