hi newbi here from the uk

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by RSturbojay, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. RSturbojay

    RSturbojay New Member

    hi guys joined ya website as im after sum advice love the drifting scene which isnt over here yet ive moded my xmod to drift but not as good as the 1;10scale drifters

    whats the best kit to start with as i want a good one to goo mad with

    heres sum pics of my xmod

    i know its not as good as sum ive seen but a start

    any advice would be cool cheers jamie
  2. Darkshadow

    Darkshadow New Member

    "1;10scale drifters"

    As far as 1:10 scale go's
    I would get something 4wd and I prefer shaft drive car's (for the torque).
    As for the brand, I would get somethig with parts that are widely available in your area. (you never know when a broken piece will occur).

    I use a HPI PRO-4, wich ROCKS!!! :D
  3. magnat

    magnat New Member

    Cant Go wrong with a Tamiya TT-01..
    All it needs is PVC Tyres and your off an Drifting..
    They are easy to work on , Simple to Build if you buy it as a Kit..
    Plenty of Hop ups and Shells to fit..
  4. DriverSlide

    DriverSlide New Member

    Hi Guys im from the uk to
    I used Drift few years ago around the time of the SGD 1 vid , I had a TT-01 stock apart from a Mtroniks eco 27 and pvc tires that i sold about 4 month after like a fool , so after a year or two ive got the itch again and realy wanna gat a car, Sorry 4 the rambling just wanted to say hi


    PS soory to hijack the thread

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