Hi, I'm Rafael souza da cunha

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Rafael souza da cunha, Jul 12, 2016.

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    Well Hello! I am going to move your post to the Introductions area, we are so Happy you have joined. You are very talented, your work shows it!!

    We would love to hear more about you, anything! We have some great Brazilian members, Ronaldo is a member here. We welcome you with open arms!! Post as many pics as you want, we require you upload pictures directly, they always remain your property and you can remove them at any time. You do not need a picture hosting website, we allow 10 HUGE pictures per post, and as many posts as you need. Welcome to Zealot!! :):)
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    Hey, welome to Zealot!

    Are you the man behind the UnfoldBrazil models?:surprise:

    THESE ARE AWESOME!!! I have already launched a "sticky" thread on your website:


    The speed you are developing the models is incredible and the quality is top-notch!

    Thank you so much for these gifts - and for joining here. Now I (and the other members ;) ) can express our gratitude and esteem. :Bravo::Bravo::Bravo:

    It's an honour to have you at this place.

    Have fun and enjoy - and please continue with the models!!! :Drinks::Drinks::Drinks::Drinks::Drinks::Drinks:
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  3. Enterpriser10

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    Indeed, I knew your work this week. What's that, Rafael?!!!!!!! Congratulations to you and to your wonderful work. Fron a brazilian like you. Welcome, Rafa!
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