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    Hello my name is Mott, I'm a very polite boy and I really like food.

    I am a designer, graphic designer, illustrator and in my spare time I am cooking pasta.

    Although most touching drawing and sculpture, I've never looked at the paper too. I just returned from Tokyo two weeks ago where I bought some mechas to build, and it was long time I didn't feel like that. I now had nothing else to build so paper becomes essential to satisfy my passion. I would therefore start in this direction with your advices and light, and I'm counting on gentlemen paperworker you are.

    Did I say I liked food?

    Did I already say I was a pink foam chicken? Damnation foam is not accepted here ... I will have to convert to paper ...

    Thank you again for your future welcome and I am humbly proud to be among you today to register here.

    Puyo puyo ^____^
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    And sorry for my bad english ^^

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