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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by armorguy, Oct 10, 2006.

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    I write there, not becasue I am a rail hobbyist, but an armor modeller in search of a little help to build an armored train.

    Beeing a train, it has a lot of wheels which I would like to avoid having to make on my own, as that can be really tedious work...

    So I was wondering, do you fellas happen to know where I might find wheels of the following size:

    1.eight 10-spoked wheels approx 27mm diameter
    2. six 12-spoked wheels approx 31mm in diameter.

    The train is suppoed to be in 1/35 scale, a scale that falls straight in between G and O gauge, but as I remember the G and O scales wary slightly.

    If it can be any help, the train was based upon an Austrian tender and carriges.
    The locomotive was a 0-3-0 tender built by StEG in Wienna in 1891 (I cannot find a model name (perhaps 2238).
    The carriages (2 of them) were based upon short two axle (360cm between axles, 790cm lenght) boxcars.
  2. armorguy

    armorguy New Member

    I forgot to mention:
    The size may be a bit off. My meterials are not 100% accurate, so the wheels may be a millimeter or two off. or a bit more :)
  3. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    One of the better sources for material in all scales is www.walthers.com. This may at least give you an idea if something suitable is made, and possibly if it is available.

    I have to ask though - why 1:35? Seems like you are making things difficult for yourself... Almost everything you find will either be somewhat undersized (e.g. O scale 1:48), or slightly oversized (most G scale runs from 1:20 to 1:32).

  4. armorguy

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    The reason I want 1/35th is that all of my armor models are in that scale.

    I thank you for the reply, but I was able to find a manufacturer of boxcars in 1/35th scale, and thoughthe wheels are not 100% of my liking they are of plastic, and thereofre easier to modify than the metal wheels usually used in model railroading.
    Thanks for you time!
  5. 39wolfgang

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    I don't know what Lokomotive you are useing?? Their are quite a few out theirin 1/35 scale.. Trumpeter has a very good BR-52 Kriegslocomotive WW II Armored Steam Locomotive ..DML makes several flat cars. Ironside makes flat cars, and box cars. CMK_Czech_Master makes Lokomotive's and some other train stuff.. Baluard Models have all kinds of csrs and buildings..
    You can find DML, Ironside, CMK at Great Model Webstore, and Baluard at THE RED Lancers website..
    The BR 52 Kriegslocomotive from Trumpeter Models is very good and I have built one myself..

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