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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Fred and live in Piperton, TN.

    Built many paper, plastic and balsa wood models in my youth and got interested in sticks and strings (wooden shipbuilding) after visiting the Vasa in Stockholm.

    While looking into the MS Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, the ship on which I travelled to Australia in 1952, I discovered there was a paper model by Scaldis. I bought the model, got the paper bug and shall we say, the rest is history...

    Over the last few months I believe I have bought enough models to last quite a while into retirement, most of them big including the SD-14.

    Also still have 3 wooden ships kits (3 feet +) that are in the original box, the Vasa, Sovereign of the Seas and Royal William.

    Unfortunately, I have always liked big models and finally have a room I can work in.

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    Welcome to the forum! Have you seen the Sovereign of the Seas made by DORIS? She used real Gold leak on all the figures she hand sculpted. She is a Master modeler, she must be one of the best in the world. I have embedded a video. Feel free to post pics of any of your previous work. We're not picky! :)

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    Glad this week is over. Finally have some time to catch up on all the reading.

    Fantastic model. Hard to believe this is paper. Better than many wood models I've seen. Have been following Doris and her work on some of the other forums for quite a while. I'm working on the Royal Caroline but have only done the first planking. Doesn't look anything like her Caroline. Amazing what she does with the interiors and lighting.

    Glad to be on the Forum.

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    There was a thread on the building of Doris Sovereign of the Seas somewhere and now i can not find it. Can someone post a link to it please?

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