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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by Carlos_dfc, Nov 22, 2009.

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  1. Carlos_dfc

    Carlos_dfc New Member

    Hi - My name is Karl, just turned 46 yrs, from near Darlington in North-East England.
    I'm pretty heavily into astronomy and run one of the most active UK-based astronomy hobbyist forums.

    I've gotten into card-modelling after D/L-ing and building a cardmodel of the Hubble space telescope, and have also found online the files for an awesome, and massive, cardmodel of the International Space Station - I'm refraining from building that until I get more experience though.....

    I used to build A LOT of plastic models in my youth, and since getting waylaid by beer and women in my late teens, have occasionally kept my hand in with a 'build' on average maybe once or twice a year.
    My latest project (and biggest to date) is a 1/200th scale model of the Bismarck battleship (about 4ft long), from a magazine 'partworks', made from wood, moulded plastic parts, and etched brass panels - It's gonna be awesome when finished - currently the hull is built, the bulk of the superstructure, and I'm just now getting to the smaller detail....

    Anyhow, on to cardmodels....
    As I said further up - I found and built a Hubble telescope which has whetted my appetite, and am now building other card models while I acquire the skills to tackle the enormous ISS I've found.
    So far I've built a few small 'single-page' WWII fighter planes of about 1/60th scale - a 'Stuka' dive-bomber @ 45th scale - and am currently mid-build of a 33rd scale 'Fairey Swordfish' torpedo bomber.
    Also eyeing up a 33rd scale Arado196 floatplane - and aim to place the Swordfish and Ar196 in the display with my Bismarck when I finish it.

    I've been amazed at how much detail you can get in some cardmodels, and how accurate many of them can look when well-made.
    I'm particularly impressed with the way my Stuka has turned out, even though I was VERY inexperienced when I built it - more a credit to a well-designed kit, than my cardmodelling skill at the time.

    Looking forward to participating - this forum looks great.

  2. Retired_for_now

    Retired_for_now New Guy

    Welcome Carlos!
    Try the four-foot ISS in the Zealot downloads here or at the Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center - you can build/assemble a few parts at a time (like the station was built). For a really good, detailed ISS model try AXM (complete) or the Mars Center (incomplete) versions.

  3. Carlos_dfc

    Carlos_dfc New Member

    Sorry for the late reply - for some reason every time I logged in - I h=got logged straight back out again :confused:
    Seems fine now tho........

    Thanks :)
    Can't get into the downloads section yet - not enough posts - I've seen a 4ft ISS too, maybe the same one??
    I'm currently considering which to go for - no rush though - I wouldn't tackle a cardmodel project of that size for a while yet.
  4. Retired_for_now

    Retired_for_now New Guy

    Call it educational outreach - it's in the downloads here, passed on later to the Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center. Build and assemble it (or the AXM version, or the one from MARS CENTER) a bit at a time, just like the real thing ...'

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