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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by chunder, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. chunder

    chunder Member

    I have only been paper modeling for a short time, my main interest are cars but I enjoy making almost anything.

    I have a dream that 1 day I can make my own & do the history of Australian motor racing, the only things that are missing is the skills & the time.
  2. venom_82

    venom_82 New Member

    Hi chunder.. from another new user of this forum aussie

    I love cars and motorsports ;)

    About your dream, the most important thing is the passion.. but time is always a problem :(

    anyway, never say never :thumb:

    p.s. regarding the australian motor racing, when i have time, i play some pc driving simulator, like rfactor.. and sometimes i use the "bathrust legend" mod (1969 & 1972) whit great car like Torana and Monaro. Really nice race :thumb:
  3. jmich17513

    jmich17513 Member

    You're from down under. That's cool. Hello there!

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