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  1. My name is Russell I love building models not just cardstock ones but plastic & metal as well, I also love to go shooting I am a member of a sports pistol club here in my home town, a member of the Scouts of the World as an Australian Scout, I love to drive to super fast cars on salt and hope in 2 yrs time to drive at over 200 m/ph using an electric car which my wife and I are building in our shed at the moment, it should be great fun. I have about 22 cardstock model at the moment and hope to build on that number as soon as I get some more cardstock from my local supplier, I love to build trucks mainly but I do have a few cars and 4wds one of my main ambitions is to build a car carrier like the one I use to drive for a living here in Australia. 8)
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    Welcome , welcome, welcome.....you find this to be an interesting and informative place....with a lot of great guys and gals.....if you need help dont be too shy to ask....some one, i am sure will be glad to help you.....:-D :-D
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    Hi Russel! Welcome to the forum.
    I suppose it isn't a crime that you build plastic models...(just joking) but now that you build cardmodels, you have thousands more subjects to model after, and this is a great place to show them off.
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