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Discussion in 'The Caboose' started by carriecreek, Feb 16, 2008.

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    Hi, everybody, I thought that I would introduce myself. I am the same Carrie Creek from before I was off line for a while due to divorce had to buy a new computer after and I did get my house back so now I have room to build :thumb::thumb: My name is Philip Zamzow and I live in Maize Ks which is a small town NW of Wichita I drive a truck back and forth to Kansas City. My new layout will be built in a room 11'-0x 9'-4. It is based on a freelanced RR set in the Ouachita Mts of western Arkansas. Around 1900-1910. It is a small bridge line with logging and limestone quarrying. It is a around the walls with a peninsula point-point with a liftout at the door for continuous running if wanted but it will be used mostly as a interchange track. Its full name is Carrie Creek Land Company.
    I have been a model RRer in HO since I was 12, almost 50yrs This will be my first big layout as all the room I have had is for small switching shelves. I have finialy decided on the lights for the room so now I need to get them installed and the walls prepped. I'll get some pics of the room before I start and try to maintain the record.
    Thanks and Later.Phil
  2. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    Welcome back Phil! Good luck with the new layout. We're looking forward to updates!
  3. rogerw

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    Hi Phil and welcome. Honk when you go by exit 313 Im in manhattan ks
  4. MetroDodger

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    Good luck sir, hope you have fun
  5. steamhead

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    Welcome back Phil...Now that you've put your problems behind you, it's time to do some serious work..!! Good luck on your new project, and if you need any advice, hints, or just a pat in the back, there's plenty of folks here willing and able to do just that..!!

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