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    This is a great site, I'm happy to be a member.

    I'm from Peru, I have experience in plastic and resin model kits, I have a lot of sci-fi models like Gundam, Macross, The Five Star Stories.
    I made a few paper models: F1 cars and planes, but now I'm interested in paper mecha modelig, I found this model:

    겔러리 > ì´ì™¸ëª¨í˜• > Ex-s Head Type

    And the OnePiece's site, I think that he is the creator of the Gundam EX-S paper model.

    ¿øÇǽºÀÇ Á¾À̸ðÇü :: ³×À̹ö Ä«Æä

    The models in this site are awesome.

    But I don't know how get access to download the models or buy them.

    Any help will be very appreciate.

    Thank you,


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