Hi all!

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    Hi there!

    I am brand new to this stuff, so bear with me:) A couple days ago, I printed some "foldables" off of Cartoon Network's website. They were the characters from the show "Adventure Time", which my sons love. I got them put together and decided it was fun, so I went looking online for other similar projects and WOW. I got super sucked in and started finding all kinds of cool stuff.

    I stumbled across the "Noisy Cricket" and after much internet spelunking, ended up here where I discovered the "key" to the uhu02 library. Yay! So I've spent the better part of the day on here, reading threads and whatnot. This place seems awesome and the creativity is mind-boggling!

    Other hobbies I have/had: knitting, building lego stuff, putting together puzzles, stenciling shirts, sewing, and perfecting my nerd status:D

    Nice to "meet" everyone and I hope I don't annoy anyone with my inevitable questions!
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    Welcome to the paper side, completely captured.

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