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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by JJD, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. JJD

    JJD New Member

    Hi all from Melbourne, Australia.

    I've been downloading and making stuff for the kids for years and only just found this site the other day!!

    For myself I'm mainly into building Star Wars models and pretty much keep it to the freebies I can get off the web.

    I've spent a few days cruising the forum and am totally blown away by the quality, skill and detail on here. It' humbling to see when comparing to my own meagre efforts.

    One bonus I do have is access through work to colour laser printers (up to A3 size) but especially large format colour plotters (up to 42-inch)!! The benefit of this is if I get my hands on anything with some detail, I can plot it out as HUGE as I want. As long as I don't intefere with production schedules work doesn't mind - especially if there's a need to keep the plotters turning over during really slow times.

    My best result from this was an At-At that was almost 20 inches tall and my long enduring current project of a Star Destroyer that's 42 inchs tip to tail.

    My fingers and thumbs work better in the larger format and I am in AWE of the small detailled work that most of you do.

    The one model I've actually purchased is Rudolph's "Working Paper Clock" but haven't yet had the confidence to begin. One idea I'm hoping to try is to scan the whole lot in and reprint it all onto BRASS style paper to make it look extra flash.

    I'm hoping to ressurect our family homepage and with luck will have links to some of my humble creations.

    Cheers all (and I SO wish I'd found this site YEARS ago!!)
  2. hmas

    hmas Member

    Theres a few around here from Oz, welcome, pity your not in Adelaide, that plotter sounds mighty tempting:wave:
    hmmm road trip :eek:
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