Hi All, I'm from Ankeny, Iowa

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by mjm, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. mjm

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    Hi All:
    As I said I'm from Ankeny, Iowa. in the middle of the USA and IN the Middle of IOWA. For all those that don't know we have our share of winter, last year we had seven months, that is way to long, ugh I hate it. I have been retired 15 years from the natural gas company. My hobby that I really enjoy is HO and N scale model trains, both are DCC. I have built a layout of both and love to show them it off. Last month I joined the YMCA to loss a few pounds, I enjoy it because I'm meeting people, at my age it is hard to do. I don't volenteer anymore after I got into some mold and I've paying for it since, it almost killed me, my lungs are about gone because of it. send me some questions, I love to talk and I'll type you. Thank you.
  2. Maico Shark

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    Hi M, and welcome to our group. Being retired in an area with long winters will make a modeler out of anyone. You know , M, I'm looking down the barrel at retirement myself and wonder if I should put it off a few more years. I'd really like to achieve more but the call of distant waves crashing on sun warmed beaches beckon to me. I'd like to write a novel and read hundreds of others. I'd like to build something very small, delicate, and beautiful out of exotic woods. What do you advise?
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