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    Hi there, it's styggs from Germany.
    It took me almost two years to finally introduce me in a respectable manner, so here it is now. I was kind of busy being a househusband and father, but with the kid getting older, I'm finally back at my paperwork.
    Okay, what else would it be?
    At the time being I'm really into micro kits, like those from Momir Farooq, as well as everything from the Macross franchise, and Alien, especially Jan Rükrs Sulaco.
    Work on the Sulaco has stopped due to my printer giving it up completely and the new one never getting the colors right, so I have to start from scratch.
    So, that's all for me now, thanks for everything and best wishes from Essen/GER,
    styggs/Stefan. :inmew:

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  2. tjbmurph

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    Hi! I'm going to be starting the Sulaco myself soon (have actually started printing). I think I'll follow your example and get everything printed first (as per your post on Skoda's build).
    Your daughter is adorable!
    (hmmmmm, micro kits. might be worth a try ;))
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    Hi there, cool stuff.

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