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    Howdy guys,

    Well, I have been busy finishing up the last bit of some room remodeling, getting the furniture placed back in the rooms, so I missed part of yesterday surfing, the superbowl being on didnt help either. But anyway, I am back, and yes, I brought you something from my travels.
    I know its not much, not a very elaborate kit, but, its a freebie none-the-less. The HH-65 DAUPHIN is used as a "SAR" platform (search and rescue) as well as a intradiction platform in preventing drug smuggling along the US coastal waterways.
    I found this model while looking thru photos of military aircraft in google. (I really need to buy stock in that as much as I use it).
    Anyway. like I said, its not a complicated model, but sometimes good things come in plain wrappers. I havent built it as of yet, it looks like maybe a 1 hr +or- build, but here is the link:

    http://www.uscg.mil/d8/downloads.htm = HH-65 USCG DAUPHIN

    I will try to post another find tomorrow, dont know what it will be until I find it though. Like I say, when I win, everyone wins, I share the wealth.

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    Thanks for that link! I didn't know that the HEMS dauphin model was repainted to the USCG scheme :wink:

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