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  1. Randomepicperson

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    Hello guys,
    As this is my first (ish) post I guess I should introduce myself.
    I am a young modeller from the UK. I started paper modelling with my mom at roughly 8 years old, with the wonderful Usborne make-your-own kits (http://www.usborne.com/catalogue/catalogue.aspx?cat=1&area=A&subcat=ACR&id=3650) and have recently moved on to bigger and better things, such as the Unseen University and my current build, Carcassonne by l'instant durable, which ill post pictures of. I started off using scissors, but now have an awesome (and sharp) x-acto knife.
    So, here's my question:
    What tools do you really need for modelling? I only really have a knife, UHU all-purpose adhesive (which is brilliant, I would reccommend it to anyone) and, well, thats basically it. I use a table mat or thick cardboard to as a cutting mat, which I assume is one of the main priorities.
  2. ThunderChild

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    Welcome to the fold Randomepicperson!

    What you have, is all you really need. You may want to look into a metal ruler or similar hard edge for folding those lines, but you are good to go as is.
    Okay, maybe a printer on your computer will be useful!!! LOL
    The wonderful thing about this hobby is that you can do what you want with it, as long as you have fun! :D
  3. Wojtee

    Wojtee Member

    Welcome. I would add a set of watercolors for the coloring of the edges. Small, cheap one is just enough to make the difference between model and a Model ;)
  4. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Motivation. That's a hard one. It's hard for me to get started. I do feel more motivated when the weather starts to get colder. Nothing like being snowed in and building paper models, with some Hot Chocolate, spilling Hot Chocolate on the model, starting over again. Yes, subject mater leads to motivation, I have found. Oh, and :welcome1: to the forum!!
  5. Randomepicperson

    Randomepicperson New Member

    thanks for the welcomes everyone!
    Well, thats a relief, I guess I'm good to go :)
    Getting started is easy, its finishing that I struggle to do, even if that is the best part.

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