hey y'all! (semi?) noobie here..

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by fingerglueingdutchman, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. fingerglueingdutchman

    fingerglueingdutchman Junior Superglue Victim

    Hey fellow scissorblisters!

    Wanted to say hi and maybe share my build of perhaps one of the most loathed models on the board.. :twisted:

    I got it from here http://papercars.wz.cz/download.html and promptly forgot what scale this thing is in.. My first build was a little stubby russian plane with writing on the side. couldnt get anything to line up and now sits as a small reminder to not start with too small a model..:curse:

    Anyway. Back to the lambo. Sorry. I like it. Nice big parts..

    Allright. First pic is of front first put together. This thing is going to be big.

    second is with Headlights put together. replaced the original with photoshopped replacements from a photo. I found that if you squeeze the headlight units to the bonnet too hard, you will end up distorting the shape..:cry: but then again, try and get that foilstuff to stick to the cardboard..

    pic of the body starting to take shape. with the windshield. (u dont say?)

    custom gascap is a photoshop gem. didnt like the original (just white lines remotely hinting on maybe the location of the gascap and replaced it with this flashy chrome monster that i think came from a viper.

    and last but maybe not least me holding the beginnings of the body up to the.. halfway? of the front.

    Just wanted to say :wave: and will be keeping you posted on my dabbling in the wonderfull world of paper italian thouroughbreads..

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  2. pouncing_tiger

    pouncing_tiger New Member

    Nice looking build. :thumb:
  3. Art Decko

    Art Decko Member


    Looks great for your second model! In no time at all you'll be designing. :) Carry on!
  4. zealousy

    zealousy Member

    Shweeet :D Keep it up!
  5. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Way Cool!
    Welcome to the forum!
  6. fingerglueingdutchman

    fingerglueingdutchman Junior Superglue Victim


    Thanks for the warm welcome :mrgreen:

    Will be posting more pics as soon as i do some more cuttin' 'n gluein!
  7. fingerglueingdutchman

    fingerglueingdutchman Junior Superglue Victim

    I wish..

    You just put your finger on my secret yet hopelessly underdeveloped desire. Was initially looking for something along the lines of a classic bucket-T hotrod, but all I found was this square weird looking yellow monstrosity somewhere. Tried my hand at pepakura, but that is Way out of my league for now..:cry:

    So I figured i practice on this italian gorgeous and take it from there!
  8. Art Decko

    Art Decko Member

    How about this - a thread posted just yesterday!
  9. fingerglueingdutchman

    fingerglueingdutchman Junior Superglue Victim

    How's THAT for creepy..:-o

    Was talking about http://jleslie48.com/32ford/cs.html this thing initially. The rusty bucket already looks better..
  10. fingerglueingdutchman

    fingerglueingdutchman Junior Superglue Victim

    Got a backend.

    Allright. backend almost done. Except for the pipes. I know. Little messy. Shopped the lights as well. Originals were a little tacky and had the shadow of the head of the photographer on them! Now to figure out how to fold under the flaps to make the whole thing line up straight. Nothing much i can do about the gap under the grille either i guess..

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  11. zealousy

    zealousy Member

    Photoshop a pic of the bare engine and add a sub layer 1 or 2cm below the grille. Not perfect but better than nothing. Neat build so far Kudos!
  12. fingerglueingdutchman

    fingerglueingdutchman Junior Superglue Victim

    body pretty much done

    Thats a tenfour.. ;) will do before putting the interior in place.

    Allright. Pipes in place and the body put together. its slowly but surely.

    Started the interior. numbering is a little confusing for this model. Have like two 36R parts so it takes some figuring.. :confused:

    am liking the build so far. Might try my hand on the WRX next..

    Ow. like my pink X-acto by the way? :mrgreen:

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  13. zealousy

    zealousy Member

    You talking about the 2002 or something WRX or the newer STI Subaru? (Not sure cos they both go under the Impreza name though the new one never said it's WRX but STI) I'm planning to build the STI next :D Looks pretty tough but detail is sweet :)
  14. fingerglueingdutchman

    fingerglueingdutchman Junior Superglue Victim

    this one

    hey viraj! You mean there's another one out there other than this one?

    came from http://www.saturn.dti.ne.jp/~eastern/pcraft/i_w2006.html

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  15. zealousy

    zealousy Member

    Yup there's another one on the same Japanese site! But the subject is the older WRX! I like this one better and this is the one I'm planning to build! This looks tricky :S trickier than I thought before actually looking at the prints!
  16. fingerglueingdutchman

    fingerglueingdutchman Junior Superglue Victim

    you're right! Cut the I_W 2006.html off the url and up pop another 25 something models! :rolleyes: must have saved this link in my scouring the net and never thought to see if there's more to it. thanks for the heads up!

    the 2005 looks pretty ehh.. pretty too!

    im not usually this dense. no really.

    may have to go with kittycat for my next one tho.. :mrgreen:
  17. zealousy

    zealousy Member

    Haha! Tell me about it...I'm torn between a 1:1 Iron Man bust and this lovely STI :D
  18. That is what I love about this hobby. A person can learn to be an expert in no time at all. I think it has to do with the caliber of person who loves this stuff. First you have to be a bit crazy, throw in a dash of obsessive compulsive, a whole lot of perfectionism, a ton of patience and finally an appreciation for anything that can be converted into 3-d.

    Nice job and welcome to the club. Your life will never be the same.
  19. zealousy

    zealousy Member

    Guess what I decided not to build the STI and instead am steaming ahead with a 1:1 scale M41 A pulse riffle! LOL Any updates on your Lambo? In case you haven't noticed already, there's a thread by Trakk on a Reventon model which he's retexturing (And done some seriously top notch work on the wheels)! Given your skill with PS adaptation, you might want to take a look at that! Would sweeten your ride even more! Good luck!

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