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  1. DeckRoid

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    Hi there

    So, I model HO scale, but someone gave me this LGB set that goes around an xmas tree that they couldn't get to work anymore.

    I cleaned the track, replaced the lead wires and POOF! it works like a charm. My main question is what is this doo mah hickey?!?

    Choo Choo 035.jpg

    The light in front doesn't work. I thought maybe it might be for it?

    Choo Choo 036.jpg

    Here is the profile of the engine. Its a smooth runner and goes rather fast, but seeing as I am not a G scale guy, I was hoping someone might fill me in.


  2. dbaker48

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    I believe that is a connection point for lighting to the trailing cars. Typically there is small banana type connectors that will plug in. Some of the G Scale cars have plastic wheels therefore the connection.
  3. DeckRoid

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    Ok. That makes sense. The 2 cars that came with the set do indeed have plastic wheels.

  4. dbaker48

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    BTW, if you need the connectors, most G-Scale hobby stores will have them. They tend to be a little expensive for what they are. Also, if your interested their is a company that sells sound boards that run on a 9v battery. They are easily installed in a car or tender and a great variety of sound. I got one that has a Hobo saying "Hey I'm locked in this box car, let me out" I have added a chug sound with another. It has a reed switch and a magnet that you place on an axle. Then with every rotation you get a chug. Again 9v, I do think they have a pickup so it will run off track power. Typically they run about $25 if I remember right. Let me know and I will look them up when I get home.
  5. DeckRoid

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    Thank you for the info. This is going to be the xmas tree, so I dont think a hobo sound would quite fit.:mrgreen:

    However, maybe a HO HO HO or something...

  6. hmas

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    Hi the plug is actually for the optional motor equipped tender. It was designed that way to give power to both the loco and tender if one hit a dirty track section the train would not jerk around etc. Plus both would still have power (like a long wheelbase loco).
    Having sed that it can be used for lighting, or a simple battery conversion plugin! If you want more than 1 loco running you have to disconnect the sliders & wheel contacts so power doesn't go back to the track.
    front light screw in bulb check that it's screwed right in, or that the wires arn't disconnected, go to a electonics shop & get a mes bulb for replacement 18v req they will also have the plugs for the loco cotacts if you want.
    Also you will need something under the track paper etc to save the carpet from the normal running dirt generated!
    sth Oz

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