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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by rockislandmike, Aug 12, 2002.

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    Do any of you know what the heck the ROCK did in New Mexico??? I have in my sources that a line stretched from Amarillo to Tucumcari and Santa Rosa. I've got an easy way of modeling this extension, but don't know what the heck went on in either of these towns. Can't seem to find any info on them as far as rail-served industries go.
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    I'm not sure, Mike, but it might be grain ???

    OR cotton!

    From the RITS site:

    An Act of Congress, approved o March 2, 1887, granted the charter the right to cross Indian Territory and pass through Texas to Galveston. The charter also approved another line from Liberal -: again across Indian territory - to Texas and New Mexico Territory to El Paso.

    1923 - 1932
    During this decade, the freight line between Amarillo and Liberal was begun in 1926 and completed in fall, 1929, opening up a rich grain country for a source of additional revenue.

    I'll keep looking!

    Take a look at this map: "Cotton Rock"


    - George
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    From 'SP motive power finale, 1996'

    "On Dec. 7, 1900, the Rock Island commenced construction toward Santa Rosa, NM. The construction started at 3 places, Liberal [KS], Texhoma, and Dalhart [TX]... the RI finally completed the line tp Santa Rosa, NM on Dec 25, 1901 ... [where] it met with the EP&NE (El Paso and Northeastern). "

    (The book goes on to say how this line became part of the Golden State line, which ran from Topeka, KS to El Paso, TX and how the SP bought out another RR which owned part of the line.)

    "So, for the first 50 years (ca 1910 -1960), the Golden State was instrumental in the progress of the SP and RI. Through traffic of lumber, auto parts, perishables and finished autos moved over this line bypassing a more circuitous route via SSW."

    The only photo of RI equipment on this track is from 1976. It shows 6 locos (definetly a hot-shot) pulling mixed freight of boxcars, covered 3 and 4 bay hoppers and 60-80' TOFC cars.
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    Thanks guys. So it seems like there wasn't really much industry along that line, it was only a through-route. Could be a problem, since I'm modeling it as a spur to an ethanol plant in Tucancari (sp). I will have to contemplate this change yet again.

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