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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by sabo_308, May 11, 2006.

  1. sabo_308

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    Hey everyone, I'm Sabo, and I come from Australia. I love R/C and I'm saving to get a Tamiya TT-01, which will be my drifter (obviously).
    I know pretty much everything I need to know about electric R/C, but I'm hoping to learn even more from you guys.
    Also, I own a nitro CEN CT4-S, which is a beast...but it seems like ever since I got it it's just had troubles. I wanna get rid of it, because I went through around 3 main drive belts in about a month, and also the gears are starting to strip...those bloody rocks!

    So yeah, just a bit about myself...

    See ya!
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    Welcome to RCDrifter.com!

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