hey guys, i need some suggestions please....

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  1. hello everyone, i have two new P2K GP18's high hood, one with dynamic brakes, one without. there both undecorated and i want to paint them. can someone suggest a real road that used these locomotives that might have run over Western Maryland tracks at some time? im just trying to keep everything close and as proto typical as possible. i dont know a lot about railroad history, and i thought someone here might. thanks!;)
  2. NYC-BKO

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    Only one railroad that might have trekked on WM rails with a GP-18 was N&W. They had HH w/ dynamics. I''m sure they ran on the WM when they exercised their trackage rights from Cherry Run to Connellsville.
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    Hey Steve, if you decide to sell the non dynamic one, let me know.

    I can always use one to build a modern version of Central California Traction 1790


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