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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by nopoop, Jun 24, 2001.

  1. nopoop

    nopoop New Member

    Noticed from scanning the boards there is a decided lack of Sn3 modelers out here, with the exception of fastmail [​IMG]

    Constuction of a 9x20 foot room in my garage is underway ( expansion from a smaller room ) and it's time to start building again.

    Plans are for a shelf style layout, visually point to point with a hidden circle to watch um run if the mood strikes.

    Toyed with HOn3 ( the previous layout ) but I have what has been referred to around here as "middle aged eyes" [​IMG] Toyed with On3 but scale size gets in the way. It's come down to Sn3.

    Why ??


    Detail [​IMG]


    Shamus your layout is beautiful but with these eyes.....

    So are there any Sn3 modelers out here ??

    Has anyone had experience with the company in the UK that makes this kit ??


    Looks reeeeal pretty [​IMG]

    On a different note I have found a great backdrop website if you all haven't seen it it's here..


    Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette is the main magazine out there right now in regards to Narrow Gauge modeling in any scale.

    Glad to have found this site, now let the narrow gaugers come out of the wood work [​IMG]


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  2. Catt

    Catt Guest

    Well I guess I qaulify as a narrowgauger (Bachmann 0n30) though my gauge of preference is N. [​IMG] But aside from that welcome to the Gauge nopoop.Always nice to have a new member no matter what their scale or gauge of choice.

    Catt! NARA#1 & A freelancer for life

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  3. jimmybeersa

    jimmybeersa Member

    Welcome Nopoop. What nice pictures keep them coming Welcome also to the Ageing Eye Club, Trouble building Live steam Loco's is the bigger they get the Heavier they get. Cant Win !!!
  4. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    Hi nopoop, and welcome to the gauge, my layout is HO, but I like the narrow gauge side of things so I did what I could to get the feel of it with HO standard gauge.
    Ps, I am nearly 65 years young, and need glasses to to see the railroad room.


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  5. Dave Hagan

    Dave Hagan Member

    Hi nopoop,Welcome to The Gauge

    Dave Hagan
  6. nopoop

    nopoop New Member

    Thanks for the welcome all...

    Now let's hash.

    A 9x20 foot room in HO gauge would leave me enough room for stageing tracks to include a "off stage" interchange with the rest of the world.

    As with Shamus I have been bitten by the "shay" and logging bug.....

    With donkeys and skid roads and........

    Lotsa questions here [​IMG]

    I'm a "newguy" with a wealth of knowlege here to tap into [​IMG]

    As far as scale goes it's really still up in the air here. Hell the room isn't done yet [​IMG]

    The Narrow Gauge magazine at the present time is running a 4 part series on an On3 logging layout that is unbelievable..

    Buy a copy - fantastic stuff. PBL has GREAT stuff in Sn3 with a price to match [​IMG] Lookin at 2 grand for the engine pictured and the cars run 35-40 a pop. Larger scale=less rolling stock so it shakes out. On3 runs about the same.

    In HO the Bachman shays are wonderful models to look at and the local Hobby shop says they have never seen a shay run better.

    A stable of shays in HO is inexpensive and from what there telling me, run great. Add to that the ability to have a "larger" layout in the same space, with the model selection and prices available in HO much better, jeeeeeezzzz.......

    Any experience with the Bachman or MDC shays ??

    Questions I have with logging layouts revolve around the product being visable. Waybills and such require "imaginering" where box cars hide the product. Similar to mining in a sense - open cars - what do you do ??

    Just looking at the selection of Campells craftmans models in HO makes me drool...

    Malcom Furlow is my HERO and I would "attempt" to model with the same flavor so to speak.

    But I realize beforehand that I'll "try" but my sense of composition is not on par with his.

    Again thanks for the reception, and you'll be getting many questions, some pretty dumb, as I stumble along to a decision [​IMG]

  7. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    Yep.... know the feeling. Every cliche invented can be used. six of one, half dozen of the other. Enee, meenie, mynee, mo. Bigger is better. Good things come in small packages, Get what you pay for... cetera cetera...

    I just said "HO" and be done with it. Mainly because it's the only scale you can get a reasonable range of models of Australian prototypes. "I've made my bed and now i'm trying to layout in it". hehehe [​IMG]

  8. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    Hi nopoop,
    You ask "Any experience with the Bachman or MDC shays ??" Yes I have a couple that are excellent runners, and the MDC shays (In kit form to make up) are just as good with time spent making them, I have 5 of these.
    Why not scratchbuild your structures, much better than paying out a fortune for a wood kit and having to make it as a scratchbuilding project anyway.


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  9. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    Hi nopoop!
    I developed an interest in narrow gauge when I was researching some abandoned railroads in the Appalachian region.
    I got all fired up about building an HOn3 layout, but then ran into a brick wall when it came to availability of equipment. (I'm not willing to take out a second mortgage to finance a model railroad) [​IMG]
    Solution - HO standard gauge.
    This way, I can still model the time & place I want, & have a much larger variety of products & price ranges to choose from. (And I can still afford groceries) [​IMG]

    P.S. You're right about that On3 logging layout. That's the best scenery I've ever seen!

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  10. michael l

    michael l Member

    Sn3 is a great scale.. it is the only scale i am aware of that you can purchase a brass import(steam engine) from an importer(pbl) and it be almost perfect! (maybe w&r in ho....) his imports run beautifully, foreground models are painted and weathered realistically, and the sound is fantastic.... wonderful scale, was in it for a while myself... my father is still in it.. has a 19x30 layout in his basement... dolores to ridgway... really fantastic! his email is luczake@aol.com

    great scale...if iwere not in o i would be in sn3...

    michael l.
  11. nopoop

    nopoop New Member

    That's where I am now Charlie. On the fence.

    My wife has taken a serious interest in it also.

    Bummer [​IMG]

    I can't make a full decision until a weekend in Ukiah in a few weeks and a visit to PBL's Sn3 showroom [​IMG]

    Then were taken the Skunk train out of Willits for some railfanning.

    I'm strongly leaning to HO, but who knows I may walk into that showroom and it might be all over [​IMG]

    And I just might have to drop Michaels dad a note about these foreground models before I go.

  12. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    "But what would you do if a CHILD swallowed it?"

    Quote...... Favvy friend of mine....

  13. George

    George Member

    That would probably depend on how well behaved the child is in general, my emotional state of the moment, and what the thing was.

    If it was the dawg, I'd bolt into action by quickly reaching down his throat, and pulling the foreign object out of his mouth.

    If It was my mother-in-law, I'd walk calmly to fetch my video camera, taking time to set the lighting and battery supply, then roll tape to preserve the moment! Then I would go out and buy the Pioneer 50" plasma wall TV to watch it on. [​IMG]

    Gee, did I forget to do something?? [​IMG]

    Oh, right! Mail order that New York Central steamer I've been meaning to treat myself to! [​IMG]

  14. George

    George Member

    Hello Nopoop, and welcome aboard!

    I have to agree with you about the vision issue and gauge. I went with "HO", but if I had the income (or get the windfall) I'd like to dabble with some "S".

    Like one MRR from the south once said of "N";
    If'n a dawg kin swaller it, it's too damned small!" [​IMG]

    All The Best,


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