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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Viperious, Oct 10, 2012.

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    I'm not good with introductions but apparently it is required...so Hi everyone :mrgreen: I'm building an N-Scale train set that my brother started right now as one of my hobby's which is why I was seeking out a forum quite like this one...but I'm not really good with anything yet as I have never undertaken something like this. Something else about me that I am very proud of is that I now own 2 Mercedes Benz classics...a 1985 190D that I am working on rebuilding that now has 733,000 miles on it and a 1978 450SL that I just bought...which is pretty remarkable in my eyes as I am 22 and half way through my college career...I really hope I can find the help I am looking for here.
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    Welcome aboard. There is a good community here of railroaders, even though the site tends to favor the sci-fi side of the house. Once you have made your 10 viable post, you can access the downloads and enjoy yourself. I would recommend In the top left corner click on free paper toys and it will give you a bunch of selections in accordance to their subject matter. There are some for transportation and another for architecture which may be of interest to you. Regardless of what you pick, post some photos of you modeling venture here. And as for your vehicles, be prepared to answer questions about them. We have some car enthusiast here as well. Enjoy and see you around the forums.
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    Viperious, I would like to :welcome1: you to the forum. I appreciate you posting an Introduction. Most people in this forum like to meet people instead of having the sidle in, and act like long time members. We are a tight group but we happily welcome new people in. Posting an Introduction gives us that opportunity. It also gives us a way of separating those who want to be I our forum, and those who just want to take everything they can get and leave. I have been know to BAN people before they even get to the Introduction stage. So Welcome to the forum. Maybe you can list some of your interests and even post some pictures.

    Also, I restored many Mercedes Benz's. Because of a bad back, I will do only one more, my 1973 3450SL, with 160K miles on it. I am the second owner. I have restored a '64 230SL, a '75 250C, a '77 280C, a 1975 450 SLC, and a couple of other ones I flipped along the way. . I am now starting to do a '73 MG Midget. I did the motors and welded the floors and other parts on these, so when I say restoration, I mean restoration! :)
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    oh wow that is very interesting...maybe you could help me out on a few problems with my 1985 190D when I get around to it soon...I have been working on it a lot lately, last spring the engine went on it with about 700K miles on it...was hoping to hit that 1 million mark, but she was run hard before I got to her...700K miles is pretty darned good for not ever having any maintenance...heck when we checked the transmission fluid after pulling the engine, it had never been changed...but now I have my new engine in it and am rolling apart from electrical issues sprouting somewhere...

    as for my modelling, I have about a hundred model cars I have built, some of them after our Corvettes in the garage, but most for fun...been working on painting techniques lately and decided it was time to start on my brothers old train set...I'm not too experienced yet, as I have no idea how to wire up the tracks quite yet...I have 2 lines powered so far though and am proud of myself...I will try and post some pictures up as soon as I can get my hands on a Micro SD card to put them on and transfer them over...

    also, I do a LOT of computer work as to work my way through college I have been running a small computer business in my super bored spare time...so if anyone needs computer advice let me know. I am usually pretty good at weeding out problems...

    and no don't worry about me just taking what I can get and leaving...I like getting into little groups of people and getting to know people at the very least...I have friends all over the world and enjoy each and every new one I get...even have a friend in Iran although she is in the process of escaping to Europe...so I am here to stay if you guys will have me...I try to stay pretty active, but I have school to tend to and my Fiance too...we just celebrated a year together as a couple and 7 years as best friends...she is helping me work on this train set as she is a pretty good artist herself and knows plenty about paint to help me out.

    OH OH OH!!! And one last point....LEGOS!!! I love legos...not only is it the little kid in me coming out, but I find it to be one of the very centers of creativity and I can't count the number of ideas that have come about from my legos...I collect star wars legos mostly as I am one of the biggest star wars nuts you will ever meet...

    ^thats a bit more about me sign1

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