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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by simmonds, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. simmonds

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    announce1 Got any pics or video of your Christmas layout. I read about it on you blog but was not really sure I understood what you did with the boxcars and how you constructed them. Sounds great though. That Fastrack is really nice for just setting up temp displays especially around the holidays. Chris
  2. Dave Farquhar

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    Hi Chris,

    I'm glad someone's reading my blog. :)

    No pics, unfortunately (there'll be some next year since I have a good digital SLR now). And of course my blog's down right now thanks to Southwestern Bell's stellar service. I assume you're asking about how I made frames for orphan boxcar bodies?

    Marx frames are easy because you can just find a Marx car with the right frame, trace it out on some basswood, cut it out, drill holes for the trucks, glue some tabs on in the appropriate place, and go. Basically you use an existing metal frame as a template and build something as close to it as you can with basswood. It's a lot easier to do than describe.

    The AF car I refurbished was tougher since I didn't have any parts to copycat. I started with the Marx design and just cut and refitted the parts until it worked.

    Of course the trick works better when you have a supply of inexpensive trucks. The cheap Delrin trucks I used don't seem to be available anymore so instead of this being a $10 project, it's suddenly a $20 project. Bummer.
  3. simmonds

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    Thanks fior the info Dave. Great new on the digital SLR. I have wanted one of those for a while now but the price is....OUCH!

    Be sure and post some pics of your Christmas diplay next year then.

    Nice blog.
  4. Dave Farquhar

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    Thanks. I'm glad you enjoy it.

    As far as digital SLRs, keep an eye on Pentax. They don't get 1/10 the press that Canon and Nikon do, but their cameras cost less, have a good feature set, and great optics. You're still talking $500 to get in the game but that's $100-$200 less than Canon or Nikon.
  5. gfmucci

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    That's right about the Pentax SLR. I have the k100d and love it. What lens do you use (or wish you had) for layout shots, close ups, best depth of field, etc.

  6. Renovo PPR

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    Pentax is cool but has a limited amount of lenses and other accessories. There are more new players in the DSLR fled and a great point and shoot line up. Canon and Nikon still offer the best in the DSLR market, but things are changing.

    One point to remember a DSLR will produce a nice image but because of its design you will need to do some post processing work to bring out the best it has to offer.

    As far as what lens I would thing you would want a range that offers both a wide angle and a medium zoom. Having a macro lens would be great in addition. Since DOF is a factor of shutter speed and aperture setting I prefer faster lenses for the range and control over the DOF.

    [FONT=&quot]Don’t forget off the camera flash, the built in flash is not what you want to use. Better photographs are produced with bounce flash.[/FONT]
  7. Dave Farquhar

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    Ooh, you're asking the wrong guy that question. I haven't outgrown the basic lens that cames with the camera.

    As far as Pentax lenses, the K100 series has one thing going for it: It's backward compatible with the old Pentax K-series lenses. Most of those are manual focus but they work. My wife put her old Pentax lenses on it (she has a K1000 from the 1970s and an assortment of lenses that she bought when she was in school) and they worked great. If you're going to use manual focus anyway, K1000-compatible lenses are plentiful and very inexpensive. So a Pentax DSLR isn't as limited as it may seem at first.
  8. Jim Krause

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    I've been mulling over the big switch to digital photography. Since I have an assortment of older Pentax K mount lenses, I did some online research on Pentax cameras. Type in Pentax camera's on your browser and you will find several reviews of their latest and greatest. I looked at a camera at Walmart. It appears to be backward compatible with my lenses, which of course are manual. The camera weighs about 1/4th of my 300 mm. lense. If I use it on a tripod, I'll have to get a tripod mount for the lense since that much weight might distort the camera body. I'll also suggest a macro lense for those closeup shots of your railroad layout. Pentax has served me well for over 30 years. My original KM is still going strong, as is my wifes MX, which Has been dragged around the world many times.

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