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    I havn't stopped by here in a while, so I though I should provide some reading info for you all. I've gotten some use out of my website http://www.modelrailroadtips.com there's a total of 10 article in some from now. I encorage everyone to stop by, read the articles, register, or post your own articles. The more contributors we there, the better the website will be. We msotly need someone to post in Z, N, S, O, & G scales as I can cover alot of HO myself as I build stuff, but everyone and anything is welcome!

    As for myself, I've gotten pretty far, I've completed a Kaslo SD50F shell, just need's a chassis now, I'm about 80% done with an Scratchbashed Santa Fe 6 axle slug (one of 3). I've recently started a GP9B, and some Dash 9's and have a AC Models 53' AP spine about 50% done.

    I've also announced that I'll do custom painting, building & detailing, for a slight fee. More info, check out the model RR section here: http://www.blockchoice.com .

    My personal train collection is online @ http://rr.blockchoice.com

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    Hiya Josh. Good to see you.:wave: You sure have been busy.

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