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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by KushanFarsight, Jul 11, 2005.

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  1. KushanFarsight

    KushanFarsight New Member

    Hey everyone. just saying hi! ive just started with the card modelling stuff, and i think theres no other hobby where you get so much bang for your buck so to speak!

    i am having one little problem, well two lol!

    1:I am UK based, is there anyone local in the UK who sells paper models? - what are we talking cost wise?

    2: Ive made a couple of paper models, and i was wondering, what do you use to protect and strengthen their design? i was considering some kind of hairspray, or prehaps some kind of aerosol laquer? any cheap and cheerful methods?

    anyway, as i said just saying hi, and if you know any sites offering free soviet post 50's aircraft of any kind in a bigger scale than 1/72, then please please please post them here :)

  2. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    Welcome to the group. I'll leave it to our UK-based members to reply about dealers, but I have noticed frequent Ebay postings from UK. Do a search for paper model.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Farsight,

    First, let me welcome you to the forum, we are all glad to have ya here. I think you will find yourself logging on everyday from now on checking to see whats new.
    Ok, I know you asked about commercial kits, but, you do know there are tons of freebies out there on the net that you can build. Kits of anything you can think of from aircraft, tanks, motorcycles, cars, trucks, space launch vehicles, robots sailing ships and even very large kits like the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier. You simply go to the site, download the model, print it out on card stock ( I use cheap priced photo paper) and begin cutting and building.
    So lemme give ya a few links to look over since they should all be new to you. I will give a brief description of the type models you can find on each.

    http://www.lansbergen.net/eng/index.htm model space launch vehicles
    http://www.currell.net/models/ space launch vehicles and airships
    http://lhvcc.rustproductions.com/egiftshop/ space launch vehicles sci-fi models
    http://home.kimo.com.tw/yukiyuji/downl1.htm everything from missile cruisers to the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier.
    http://home.wmis.net/~wingsred/Paper Models/GOV45/colt.html close to lifesize models of colt .45 pistols
    http://www.3dpapermodel.com.tw/3dpms/Alvin/alvin.html#leopaprd2 leopard II tank
    http://www.konradus.com/szufladki/agand/index.html M5A1 stuart tank
    http://3dpapermodel.w-web.com/3dpms/civi/civi.html#jeep WWII Jeep

    Ok, so I got carried away, there are other sites that have varieties of free models, like:


    You might try looking at these first. you dont have to download the chinese fonts to view the taiwan site.
    Anyway, hope this gives ya something to look over before you go spending money.....which you will lol.
    Have a good evening and welcome to the forum again,

    ps. if you want more links to free models, click on my email button below and email me and i will send you more than you can look at lol.

    Greg aka GW
  4. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    Get in touch with Chris at http://www.marcle.clara.net/ He stocks pretty well most ranges and does a neat newsletter ever few months.

    No commercial links, just a happy (if too infrequent!) customer!

    Tim P
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