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    For those of you who haven't seen this, I posted these over on

    I know some may find these pictures disturbing, but I just finished up my first modelling project with an N-Scale locomotive. I had originally purchased an undecorated Kato SD70Mac... as well as some Microscale Decals. This is, of course, before I had immersed myself enough in the Canadian National prototype to realize that CN never actually purchased such locomotives... they have SD70i and SD75i locomotives...

    "Big deal" I thought, and then I began to notice the significant differences in outward appearances. So I had designs on maybe converting this loco... but since i am new to this hobby, I figured baby steps... even if it means committing roadname heresy...

    So, here is CN 8031, a fictional "what if" locomotive had Canadian National experimented with AC power, and gone with the SD70Mac:




    Feedback? (As I prepare to don my flameproof suit)

    GWRFANN New Member

    I like it:thumb: & if your new to the hobby you do very nice work.
  3. nachoman

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    that is N scale? WOW!!

  4. brakie

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    Nice looking engine..I likes. :thumb:

    Agatheron,You'll not need to don your flameproof suit on this forum! :thumb:
  5. Very nice work.

    When we post pics of a DeWitt Clinton doubleheading with an SD70MAC, realism is the least of your worries
  6. eightyeightfan1

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    Check out the pic I posted"Artistic license". Its my SD70M in New Haven colors. For those that don't know, the NH was gone before the SD70 was even on paper. So as far as your model...I thought it was cool!
  7. TomPM

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    Nice looking loco!

    If you hunt around you'll find some photos of my Lehigh & New Engalnd U23B locos. GE wasn't making locos when the LNE went out of business in 1961. They were still helping ALCO.

    So as you can see you are amongst fellow heretics.
  8. train1

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    :cool: I like it too but I'm also biased towards the 'noodle':wave:

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