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Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by dhanners, Jun 18, 2007.

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    Spent the day building yet another X-15 to add to the collection. This one is of the second X-15 completed, A/C #56-6671, and I've built it to depict its return after the first flight with the XLR99 rocket motor.

    I used the Fiddlers Green kit, but scratchbuilt some parts. The main thing I did was scratchbuild a new upper vertical stabilizer. When it first flew, X-15-2 lacked the yellow banner with NASA on it. It just carried the tail number, 66671. I used the "Draw" function in Word to make the numbering on a black background and cut out the pieces (using the kit tail pieces as templates) and glued them together.

    The nose wheel and skids were also scratchbuilt to improve upon the pieces included in the kit.

    I figured it'd be a nice Father's Day project. The X-15 always seemed to be one of Dad's favorite airplanes, and I remember him getting me the old Aurora plastic kit back in the '60s. He died in January, so I figured it would be a good project to remember him by.

    He's actually the one who got me started in card modeling, years and years ago. Some magazine -- I think it was Boy's Life -- had part templates for building a Great Lakes ore boat out of cardboard. He helped me make it, and I remember it being a fun project for a kid and his dad. Of course, it was ages until I built another card model, but I still remember that one.
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    great story! and a great build. you dad would have been proud!!
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    Such a great way to honor your dad, David.

    No wonder your models are always so great in detail and mastership.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Nice build and a perfect reason to build it :D
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