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  1. allhallowseve

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    ok here we go!!! i know i started the Airwolf thead and i can't wait to see model u guys are a lot better at this then me i found this !!! dose any remenber the movie "Blue thunder " i not sure what kind the helicopter this is ???? but if anyone can make or find a paper one , i know they made a platic model back in the day ,
  2. allhallowseve

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    here a pic of it

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    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Al,

    Well in an effort to make ppl happy, at this particular moment, you. I have run across this mesh of "Blue Thunder" which is a free download at: . However, as with the Airwolf model or the Mig 31 Firefox model (that I havent been talking about hehehehe), Personally, before I would work on making a card model from this mans work, I like to seek permission and atleast let them know there is a market for a card model of these "birds". Maybe not a "paying market", I stress to them that if I am able to come up with a working paper model it would be a free download and not for sale. But, thats just what I would do. Anyway, have a look at this model, its a high polygon count mesh and would have to have the polygons reduced, but its still a good representation of the aircraft.

    Working the 12 hr shifts I am working now, I cant do anything with it or the models I already have, but thought maybe you or someone else may like to play with this one.

    have a good day,

    Greg aka GW
  4. rickstef

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    Blue Thunder was a modified Gazelle from Aerospatiale

    here is a Gazelle in its natural state

  5. shrike

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    After the movie the helicopter was sold to Bob Bondurant and kept at his racing school for several years. I used to see it flying around on occasion.

    I'm not sure what happened to it after that, but I haven't seen it around for a while, and it didn't come up last time i talked to him.
  6. allhallowseve

    allhallowseve Member

    hi geed you done it again ha ha that look model looks good no rush on my part for any of the model i'll wait to see them done right i know what its like to work long hour then zzzzzzzzzzzz ha ha !! i wish i was better at unfold part of it i still not got the hang of it i stick to the cut and build for now :)

  7. falconp51

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    Blue Thunder no longer exists. The Guy who bought the flying movie version, eventually sold off the helicopter for parts. The only piece still in the public eye, is the studio non-flying front section that was used to film the actors in the cockpit. This piece is sitting in the backlot tour at MGM Studios Florida and is in very bad shape after years of sitting in the Florida sun and weather.

    Blue Thunder is on my paper model wish list, so I hope someone will tackle the project in the near future!!
  8. Bad_Scorpion

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    Bluethunder LIVES!!!!!!

    Here you go anyone want to try making this I would be pleased to have a copy of this once done.

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  9. sjsquirrel

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    Killin Me! You're Killin Me!

    Blast it anyways you guys - I'm still not finished my build of the Galactica, I've already got three dev projects on the go, and now you hit me with my favourite movie helicopter, and on the same site I found the Cygnus from the Black Hole - you're gonna kill me - I wanna do em all :cry:

    On a more serious note, the Blue Thunder model isn't all that bad. Many of the parts will unfold fine just the way they are. There are a lot of small parts that might need rework, and some parts that need a lot of rework, but it would be a good project for anyone that really wants to learn, and I'd be happy to help out or mentor.

    In the meantime, I've got a couple more projects to add to my to-do list unless someone else picks them up first.

    Thanks for finding these guys.
  10. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    I tried a hand at manipulating the model GDub linked but I started to bite a hole in my lip when faced with a myriad of flipped faces, dxf-like parts association and finally a missing gatling gun.

    I saw the movie when in Boston back in ohhhhh 83' and I liked it. That helo is in line with airwolf except airwolf is more sexy where bluethunder is brutish.

    @ Rickstef in comparison ... modification is an understatement. :eek:
  11. Bad_Scorpion

    Bad_Scorpion Member

    That is exactly why I posted the 3 views. some one could put it together using them. The model that was linked yes nice but yes alot of work needed. More than I'm willing to put into it. I have other things I'm working on.
  12. modelnutz7

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    Blue Thunder

    Hi Guys,

    Blue Thunder is my fav copter as well, I've got the Monogram model and would be happy to supply pics. I would be willing to have a go at It myself but I am a Total Beginner and would need a Mentor.



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