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    Hey Guys,

    Well I just finished the cessna 172 "skyhawk" I made mention of last week. I thought I would share some photos. This is a very pretty plane, AND its large too. 13" long X 14" wingspan X 4" tall.
    I left the wheel cowlings off, they are included in the download, but like I sometimes get, I became abit impatient and wanted to get this think built.
    Anyway, for those of you who may have missed the last thread containing the link, here it is one last time.

    Below are three photos I took about an hr ago outside on the driveway. This thing looks almost like it could taxi down my driveway and take off.

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    You mean to say that it can't taxi down your driveway and take off?
    That is a very nice and clean looking build Geedubbya. You built it in a very timely manner also. I look farward to seeing some more work from you.

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    Thanks Dustin,

    I started on it, and kinda "piddled" around, had parts cut out, but really wasnt getting anywhere with it, so the other day i sat down and completed the fuselage (yesterday) and did the rest today.
    The online "how to" instructions are helpful and the parts Fit great. Its a nice model for those who like larger sized models.
    Sitting on the driveway taking the pics, looking thru the camera, it did present itself as somewhat realistic. Since I posted the photos I have used fishing line and created an antenna from the vertical stabilizer to just above the back glass, with a small antenna ontop the wings (tie twist wire with paper removed and painted black with a sharpie), and used red nail polish and clear polish for lights on the wingtip and stabilizer. for the yellow navigation light, I used clear polish (make a small bead and allow to dry for lights) and then a yellow highlighter, then another coat of clear polish.
    Matter of fact, thats a good tip I learned during all my years of plastic modeling, tie twist wire can be wrapped around a needle to form a coil spring for antennas on trucks and tanks and a short wire inserted intop of a fuselage, then bent back at 45 degrees and trimmed makes nice anntennas on jets. And clear nail polish makes great headlight lens on vehicles and landing/navigation lights when used with other colors on aircraft.
    Well I have rambled on enough, I just wanted to thank you for the kind words Dustin.

    Again thanks, and happy modeling,


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