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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by RAY METIVIER, Jul 17, 2002.

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    heres another
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    third times a charm

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    Hey Ray. What kinda work did you do to afford such a trememdous collection? I think I see every loco ever sold plus a number of customs. In addition to a great layout the collection of locos and rolling stock is very impressive as well.
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    I agree with Ray and Gavin about cleaning track. The difference is that their layout and mine is in a somewhat controlled environment. I usually run one train every day I am home and and sometimes 2 hours a day. My main lines and my main switching area has not been cleaned for almost a year. I have just recently decided to take a day or so and go over everything thoroughly and sort of start all over again so I know that everything was cleaned thoroughly on a particular date. Running trains a lot is the key. (My layout is about 20 x 30 feet in an L shape.) I would like to contrast this to my club layout located near the sea that is in an unheated and fairly open structure (dust, etc.) We clean the track completely on Tuesday night and if you come down to run on Saturday, it all needs cleaning again. I think that environment affects it a lot.

    Really great layout pics in this thread! Really, really good ones!
  5. SD90

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    Awesome layout, it relly inspires me to get going on mine! I can't wait till my layout is to that stage! What kind of camera did you use to take your pictures? What about lighting? I am having trouble getting pictures to look good, I think I have lots of light, but they still come out dark. Great job on the layout again! Keep the pictures comming!



    The camera I use is a SONY DSC-F707 5.0 megapixels, with a 10x precision digital zoom lens. the lighting is 10 eight foot high output flouresent lamps.

    Been watching your progress on your layout, looks great. I almost envy you as I like building almost as much as running trains. Keep the pictures coming.:)
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    Thanks, I like the building process as much as operating also, an empty room is the best, because you have so many options at that point!
    Your flourscent lights, how high above the layout are they? Are they 5000k?(full spectrum) Your pictures look so bright, keep your pictures comming also!
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    I cant believe how many locomotives and rolling stock you have on your layout! It is simply amazing! When you take your pictures, do you use a flash or not?



    The flourscent lights are cool white. Don't know the kelven temp.
    Set your white balance on your camera to auto.
    Lights are approx 41/2 feet over layout. There are 10 double tube fixtures for a total of 20 tubes. Good lighting is importent when showing the layout. Enjoy your layout.
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    Ray, how wide is the part of your layout with the main yard on it? It looks like at least 6 feet, do you have any trouble reaching things in the middle?
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    Ray, I have commented via email on your lyout.. Absolutely incredible!
    Not to be nitpicky, but BNSF 9838 is an SD70MAC, which I'm sure by now you have about 20 of!:p


    Yes its about 6 feet. I use a three step, step ladder.


    BNSF 9838 may be a SD-70 MAC, but as BNSF has no SD-90s, I had to number it something.
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    Young man

    You claim to be 12 years old, your profile says your birthday is january of 1990. That makes you 13. Which is it?
    I may have much in N scale items, but believe me I worked for every bit of it.
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    Im not sure why my profile says birthday is in October.



    The last reply was not ment for you, it was ment for nscaletrainkid
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    Ray, do you have any new pictures? I would like to see more please!
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    wow ray, you have one excellent layout there! :D
    im lost for words.
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    Fantastic layout, Ray. Obviously you collect BNSF and it's varieties. I saw a couple of CPs. Do you collect any other names? Also, do you estimate you have every piece of BNSF and variants? Must be boring going to the hobby store knowing there is nothing left to find! How effectively can you operate that set? Do you have to enough room to park enough cars to run it?

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