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  1. My wife and I noticed a few days ago that my Huerc was sagging a bit as it hung from the ceiling of our lounge room, it has suffered from a hot spell we had about a week ago. My wife (bless her cotton socks)announce1 suggested that instead of chucking it to make a dio out of it so here is the first oart of that attempt a heavy crash landing of the U.S. Hercules C130 and it could be anywhere in the world. :mrgreen:

    Desert Rat Racer AKA Dingo :cool:

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  2. Yea but not that extreme on the wings, I hope to have it finished soon as long as my plastic building doen't take over.

    Desert Rat Racer. :cool:
  3. Well where your photo shows both wings smashed off the body of the plane mine will not be like that although a heavy landing the wing tip will only be bent as shown in my photo and no more than that the fuselage will have a bit more damage but not to the extreme that is in again the photo that you sent me OK.

    Dingo :cool:
  4. ml5716111

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    Why waste such a valuable parking space on a piece of junk :mrgreen: You could use this space for a few freshly built kits. Those treasurers, always want to save money on our account :mrgreen:

  5. silveroxide

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    Nice pic of the 130. Looks like somewhere on the panhandle on a Special Ops Field.
  6. silveroxide, the full size pics are good and my C130 model is OK and while on that subject the whole project has come to a complete and utter standstill due to the fct that the model is now a complete wreck it has total fallen apart with all the other plane model that where hanging from my den ceiling it seems I have to look for glue that can stand 40 degree heat in the day and 30-35 at night we have had some hot days here in my home town of little old Adelaide South Australia. So now I'm on that hunt.

    Dingo :cool:
  7. Hans Christian

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    Hey that's Balls 12 right there...
  8. Elliott

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    Momentary hijack - N810, where did you find those pictures or, conversely, what/where did this happen?

    I was stationed at Ft Bragg, NC when a fighter clipped another fighter when landing which crashed into a plane fixing to load paratroopers for a jump. This was at Pope AFB in 1996/97? I wondered if these photos were from that sad event.

    Now returning to your regularly scheduled thread.
  9. Wow isn't it amazing how one little photo of a C130 that was going to be part of a diorama can set of a chain of events thread replies that turn into something completely different, I'm now so glad that it has come back to my problem I hope and as the my poor C130 well I'm going to build two (20) new ones, one to hang from the ceiling (but need advice on glue) the other to be part of that orginal crash dio. Hopefully:mrgreen:

    Dingo :cool:
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    to Elliot,
    the C-130 in the pic landed on a runway in Iraq that was being repaired and hit a hole about 30 x 60 and sheared of their gear..only minor injuries..one of the loadmasters is a friend. This happened about 2004
  11. Elliott

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    Thanks For the info. My apologies for the interruption Dingo.
  12. Texman

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    I was a C-130 flight engineer in the 2 ALS at Pope when that happened. I was on my way in for some night drops when I got the call. If memory serves correctly, it was '94.

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    Hey dessert rat, whos C-130 is that? Is it Nobi's?
  14. Bowdenja

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    Yes........... that is Nobi's C-130.:thumb:

    And unfortunately that crash wasn't just a "plain jane" 130...........
  15. Elliott

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    Finally found it

    Combat Talon II 85-0011 was severely damaged during a landing accident at Mosul, Iraq, on December 29, 2004. The 15th SOS aircraft was on a resupply mission and struck a trench dug into the runway while still at 80 knots, shearing off part of its landing gear and partially separating its left wing from the fuselage. The trench was part of a U.S. Army construction project and a warning Notice To Airmen had not been filed or disseminated to the aircrew, despite a safety hazard report filed in the week previous by another aircrew. No injuries occurred but the aircraft was destroyed by explosive demolition to prevent its classified equipment from being compromised.

  16. cmdr19921, I'm sorry but as it so long ago since I built that plane and the fact that it is no longeraround due to a heat wave we had here that totally detroyed I have no idea where I got it from I either googled it or got it from a kind person of the this forum or the other cardstock forum I'm on I can't really tell ya, it's not that I don't want to don't get me wrong there cmdr, I really have no idea where I got it from.

  17. BCA

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    Even in paper, the Herc is a tough old bird - a testiment to the C-130 - I am a little bias though - I'm a retired Herc Loady

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