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Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by cgutzmer, Feb 19, 2009.

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    OK folks. I feel I need to learn what all you guys do so well. So for my first real project (expect to go slowly) I will be designing an engine. I figured cant go wrong with a 426 Hemi. If it proves popular I may then design some other engines. I figure these might be good add ons for current models. I plan to design to a pretty high level of detail in a pretty large scale (to be determined) so that it can be reduced as desired for whatever size model they may enjoy building. I figure I would like my final build to be about 8 inches or so....

    Now here is where I need some help - I need good drawings, pics etc. If someone has any or can help me locate, please do!
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    I have wanted a scale model of a Chrysler 2.2 Turbo engine for years. I am willing to pay to have one. I have thought about doing one myself, but I do not have the time or the experience to do so right now.
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    I dont have the experience now but if my first goes over well it might make a good future project :)

    57 - I saw those but buying one would kinda defeat the purpose ;) heh heh
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    well i found this engine block after a google. is this the kind of thing you want. it is a start as they say. I am sure there or some motor sites that you can even go on a forum of and get more details. [​IMG][​IMG]
    something like this site. maybe write and ask them for any scale drawings of the parts.
    no idea why that thing didn't like the engine block picture. is it that you can only put one link to a site for a picture in a answer?
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    I dont plan on making a model that will break down.... I dont think I am at that level yet ;) I can make a stick figure out of boxes now.... of course I am only on page 39 of the tutorial :D that would be a cool idea though!

    In regards to the pic, I dont know! You should be able to put at least 6 pics in a post, with a max of 2mb total space.
    p.s. more pics always welcome :D

    pps - I just looked at your post - its from allpar - they probably have hot linking turned off so people dont use their bandwidth from other sites :) also I am waiting for my membership to be approved there so I can ask just that question!
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    My brother does V8 racing here so, have asked him does he have any catalogs on Hemi's for you. if he does i will scan them. in the mean time. google and yahoo or the only way to get pics really. there site is really cool may i say. [​IMG]
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    Those new Hemi's are pretty sweet :) I am learning some blender now but will prolly be a while brefore i can start designing ;)

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