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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by 77railer, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. 77railer

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    I have awsome news to share. The school I teach at which meets the needs of low social and economical students has decided to let us do clubs to get the kids more involved in school. I decided to do a model railroad club and the response has been absolutely crazy. Out of 247 kids over 90% are jumping at the chance to be in Mayewood Railroaders. The principal is making me draw names out of a box to see who gets to be in the club due to the tremendous interest. The clubs start in 2 wks and I have held my first fund raiser to fund this monster and the kids raised $93 which is huge considering that most of them get free lunch and often wear clothes that are hand me downs. They are really looking foward to building and operating a layout. I had a sign shop here in Sumter agree to do any printing that we want so I am going to have him print a decal and we will paint an engine and create the first Viking Express ( since the mascot is a viking). I was wondering if the members of The-Gauge might be interested in lending a helping hand. We are going to be working in HO and Im donating the engine and some rolling stock but the track I have is old and brittle and probably trash worthy. Since Im wanting to do a complete layout we need everything you could think of. That extra ground cover you got lying around, those old turnouts you arent using, those trees you took off cuz they didnt look just right. Anything you can offer would be a mountain of a donation. These kids live in a world most of us cant even imagine. Going home to parents who do drugs, drink, beat them, work 2 and 3 jobs so you have to babysit your sibilings, not having food, power, (could you imagine living without power, I have 4 here that run an extension cord from a neighbor to have a light to see by). With a world like that to live in, its no wonder they arent interested in mathematics and the like. If I can get one of them to come to school just for the purpose of working on the trains, then we will have the chance to teach them something. There is so much teachable material in our "hobby". But it just might be our "hobby" that I can use to reach them. Kinda hard to teach them when they dont want to be here. My appreciation goes out to jasbourre for letting us have his old O Guage stuff, made for a great show and tell and sparked this interest they have.......Being a newbie here on the Gauge I want to thank everyone who has been helping me on my own projects and thanks in advance to those of you who will help The Mayewood Railroaders

    :thumb: 77Railer :thumb:
    Mr Steigerwalt 6th grade Math
    I can be contacted at
    803-773-3480 (home)
    803-495-8014 ext 202 (work)
    Leroy Steigeralt
    1246 manning rd
    Sumter SC 29150
  2. Muddy Creek

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    What a great project. One that has an immediate result of keeping kids productive and away from trouble for a part of their time and one that may kindle a life-long interest.

    Can you use some Atlas Custom-line NS switches? I have some that have never been used, saved for an HO switching-layout that may never get built. I'll mail them off to your address.

    Best of luck with all the new clubs at your school.

  3. N Gauger

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    Ok people, Time to show us how much extra stuff you really do have in your "railroad rooms"! Anyone have any extra HO things?? Anyone want to donate a few of them?? If you can stand to part with them for a good cause??

    We mention from time to time how nice it would be to get good publicity for this great hobby... :D I'll be looking to see If I have any extra track or engines :)

    Thanks in advance.... :D
  4. 77railer

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    Thanks Muddy Creek, thanks NGauger, and just to let yall know you will definetly be mentioned as the biggest contributor to our club. I will be sure to include photos as we go. Thanks Again yall.

  5. siderod

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    I'm at school now, so i can't tell you for sure if i have anything you can use, but when i get home, i'll be sure to check and see if there is anything that can be of any use to you.

    Great Idea for a project :thumb:
    AR :wave:
  6. Why me

    Why me Member

    ok hv two locos and some rolling stock the locos are 1 chessie and pand o both yellow im uk base so need a addy please.mike
  7. ausien

    ausien Active Member

    Leroy, I model in N gauge, so dont have any HO stuff around here, but I have some mates that do. I will contact them and see what I can do.

    You are right when you say that our "HOBBY" has teaching elliments to it, if you can transfer the geomety of the track design, the scale, of distance and size, ect more power to you, apert from the education side of it there are other lessons they can learn, team work, and friendship among other`s. I am in Austrailia so anything I may send you may take a week or two... good luck, and .....have a good one..steve
  8. yellowlynn

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    I've got a bunch of snap track, but it isn't NS, plus several locos, and a bunch of standard power packs if you can use it. Say the word and it is on its way.

  9. 77railer

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    Man you guys are awsome. Thanks Siderod, Why Me we appreciate the locos and the RS, Ausien anything you can do would be great, I was thinking if anyone had any chalk/paint laying around the kids could have a good time with that as well, of course what ever we need that doesnt get donated we will raise money and hopefully is an issue obvisously. Yellowlynn what word is it I have to about PLEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! LOL.

    Thanks Gang,
  10. rksstl

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    I have some rolling stock and ns snap track. I can ship it out over the weekend. Good luck with MR club.
  11. ausien

    ausien Active Member

    Hey leroy, No problems with a a building or two, I spoke to "the old blokes club"(the mates I told you about) and they send you this message:

    "Let steve know what size layout you intend to build and they will make a building or two to suit, and they wish you all the best with the project." :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: end quote...

    so If you can do that asap. I would be greatfull as these old bloke`s get board easy:D :D :D :D they`re all in thier 70`s...have a good one steve.
  12. 77railer

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    :wave: Layout....good question. With the number of kids Im looking at having Im thinking about a 4x8. We'll see how we do on that and go from there. Alot depends on the switches/turnouts we are able to get. I told the kids this morning about all the different places around the world sending us stuff and they were asking why so many different places cared about them enough to send something from across our country let alone a different country. Thanks fellas.

  13. 77railer

    77railer Member

    Im going to go to a few lumber yards here locally this afternoon and see if I can get them to donate the lmber needed to build the table, hopeflly including the foam. There are a few locally owned electric shops here as well maybe they wold be willing to donate some wire/soder/switches etc. Wish me luck and keep searching. The kids say thanks.

    Mayewood Railroaders
  14. Why me

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    HEARS wishing you luck very good luck for the childrens cause.mike
  15. 77railer

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    Man oh man,

    It seems everyday Im getting posts and pms and calls from various guys wanting to donate. I really appreciate all the generousity. Looks like Im gonna have to barter with the principal for some more space,lol. Thanks again guys for what has been sent and for what is yet to come. Yellowlyn it was nice talkin to ya.

    :thumb: 77Railer :thumb:
  16. TR-Flyer

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    Consider making the layout a "U" shaped afair that is not very deep. Say 24 to 30 inches. Why, so the kids can reach all areas of the layout. If you make it 4 feet wide, you'll be doing all the scenery in the middle and where's the fun in that for the kids? So, take your skill saw and cut out the middle. Also, the table needs to be low, or you'll be needing a bunch of stools. Will send goodies as soon as i can get up to the attic.

  17. eightyeightfan1

    eightyeightfan1 Now I'm AMP'd

    Folks....I think the Traveling Gauge Car has found a permanent destination.
    If anyone disagrees with my decsion, Let me know and I'll find something else to send.
  18. rksstl

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    Great idea Ed.
  19. siderod

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    Good idea!
  20. shaygetz

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    ...that's three, Ed. :thumb:

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