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  1. Edavillenut

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    i am looking for a locomotive that has two truck drive with a motor that has drive shafts and fly wheels. the trckks can only have two wheels on each side co a total of 4 wheels per truck. i am going to take the drive train out and put it in to a tyco steam locomotive. i know the trucks will have to be regauged to HO scale but i know who to do that. but i dont know much about the N scale locomotives so if any one know what i am talking about could you tell me a company and style of loco so i can get one. thanks

  2. Dave Hagan

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  3. Catt

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    It won't work Shawn,there are no N scale locos long enough. Use the HO Bachmann centercab or the 70 tonner.
  4. Edavillenut

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    do you have a picture of the one you did

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