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  1. Bcook

    Bcook New Member

    I am looking for any information on an HO scale Locomotive made by United Scale Model. I believe it was a manufactured in Japan. Any information would be helpful.
  2. pjb

    pjb Member

    United made models for a number of importers.After Akane they were next to build models for International back in 1954. Get copy of Brown Book,or read it at hobby shop, which details almost all models imported from orient in last half century. Generally, United produced models of pre 1930 prototypes of medium and small sized engines mostly for Pacific Fast Mail and Gem after International passed on.
  3. Nickelplate

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    Sometime in 2001, there will be a 4th editon of "The Brown Book of Brass" John Glabb of Peachcreek Shops( will be producing this updated version.

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