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  1. '57cadillac

    '57cadillac New Member

    Hi, I just got a 1:33 GPM Mitsubishi G4M2 'Betty' bomber and Yokosuka MXY7 'Okha' suicide plane. I really need to know how to make clear canopies for them! Any help on how to make them?
  2. davelant

    davelant Member

    If I had to, I'd build the canopy first, then make an equivalent shaped block of wood or modeling clay, and use it as a "buck" to vacuform a sheet of clear thermoplastic. Does that make sense to you?
  3. '57cadillac

    '57cadillac New Member

    Yes, that does make sense, But can't I also just get clear plastic, glue the canopy on top, and cut it out?
  4. Macragge27

    Macragge27 New Member

    Maybe overhead projector transparency sheets would work?
  5. Tecumseh

    Tecumseh New Member

    would it work to make the frame into sticker
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