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  1. Jones Brandon

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    hi to all this is Jones, first of all i like to say i like all the models on this site, i feel that for new members that haven't been on this site long should contribute to old members by making models on their own to show the older members that we enjoy their work so we should make our own models instead of waiting on them:thumb:.they do alot of hard work on the paper models we love.

    i'm trying to make a new model myself, something different to bring to the table i was hoping anyone could help me out with the photos that i'm showing here, if anyone can thank you alot, i'm just trying to give back to the older models on this site, once again i love this site:thumb::thumb: i hope enjoy this model i trying to make this model, this is a bold move for me hope you like it:mrgreen::mrgreen:

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  2. Soaring

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  3. Jones Brandon

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    all i was saying is we should give back to the people that been on the site longer then some of us i like all the models on this site.
  4. cgutzmer

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    Pretty cool! Just come hang out and have a good time with card models, thats all anyone asks for :) Thats quite the first model you picked there... lots of curves :)
  5. Jones Brandon

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    thank you alot man i will have some more updates later!!!
  6. Lex

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    ...what "new" member? There's isn't the distinction here! Everyone's the same...! :D

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