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    Does anyone have instruction sheets from the Heljan #802 Roundhouse? I was going to build the kit for someone, but after opening the kit, it had no instructions. There's gotta be some copies somewhere?

    Any and all help is appreciated.
  2. Sunburn, Is that the HO scale Heljan roundhouse ? If so I built one with the 3-stall addition some years ago and I do save ( Ex-Navy storekeeper :rolleyes: ) all the paper work to models I buy and build. Give me some time and I'll locate, scan and e-mail them to you ! Joe :thumb:
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    Leave it up to an SK to keep his paperwork! Yes, that is the one! Thank you! I'll give you an email account when you are ready.

    Again, thank you, for this and for keeping the geedunk stocked

    Sunburn (current STG2):wave:
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    further info...

    I just spoke with my dad, who is building the RH. He emailed Heljan directly and is waiting to hear back from them. Maybe they'll cough up some e-directions too. I'll keep you posted.


    ps: my screenname came from my biggest fear...
  5. Roundhouse Intsructions

    Sunburn, Found it ! Joe

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    I have a Vollmer 3 stall roundhouse that I built, some years ago, without the help of instructions. These photos don't show a really clear view of what a mess can occur in such a situation, but it's definitely not "round".

    This is the "front" that faces the turntable.


    This is a view of the other side. It's a bit obscured by the crane in the foreground, but you see the problem. (This is also a good reminder to me to shoot some better pictures of the building.)


  7. Hi Doc, Great looking crane ! Did you scratch built it ? Resembles the cranes I use to service the glass in the cabs of many of the overhead cranes at Bethlehem Steel, Burns Harbor, IN back when I was working ! Again, great looking crane ! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: Joe
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    Thanks Joe. There are more pictures of the crane on page 9 of the Photography & Books Forum of the Gauge. The thread is entitled "Oh great, I was going to go work on...".


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