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    hi iam going to build my first layout 72" by 36" it has no turnouts. iwant one track but multi level. i dont know my budget because of my age (14) my brother is going to help with electrical wiring I currentlly have no engines but am getting one i have 10 boxcars and to fltbeds and 3 log haulers please reply

    jvrr:) :D :(
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    Welcome to the Gauge Josh
    I presume you are talking about HO scale here. You could fold a loop back on itself which would give you multi level. If you can afford it you should add a switch or two just to make running the train a little more interesting. The base for this layout could be as simple as a door which you could get from a lumber store and a set of folding legs. Where I live that would cost around $100. There are other forms of framework which may cost a little more. With a power pack(which your brother may be able to build for you) track and a locomotive you could be spending around $300 or more depending on where you buy your stuff.
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    thanks for the idea iam not sure what you mean by fold back on itself do you think you can make a diagram

    jvrr:) :) :) :) :) :)
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    Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. Hope this rough sketch will show what I mean.

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    Thanks for the idea. But Iam swicthing to N scale with a bigger layout.check the forum HO scale help thread JVRR.


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