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  1. Grampy

    Grampy New Member

    Hi All:wave:

    I purchased a Lionel O scale starter set and some atlas track and swithces only to find that my engine gets stuck on the switches, no power. Can anyone tell me of a manufacturer of switches that I can use my starter Lionel on:confused:

    Thank you all much
  2. Livesteam

    Livesteam Member

    make sure that the track is nice and clean if it is and still doing it, i had this problam with a lionel switch i looked and i normally like pulling 5-6 passanger cars and i saw that two of the cars when going over the switch would spark and the engine will stop, have you ran the engine by it's self yet? and if not try that , also is the engine getting stuck on anything?
  3. Grampy

    Grampy New Member

    I did run the engine by itself and it still stops over the switch. I'm looking to add some switches but I'm hesitant to use Atlas O.
  4. Dave Farquhar

    Dave Farquhar Member

    Ken, I know a Lionel starter set will work just fine with Lionel or K-Line switches. But it ought to work with Atlas too. Are there any other symptoms? Are you getting sparks or anything?
  5. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Can you tell if it's a short circuit or a pickup problem? Is there one or two pickups under the loco?
  6. Grampy

    Grampy New Member

    I have this problem of engines stopping on the switch with a starter set engine and a Berkshire that I have. The owner of the shop where I purchased them from is going to a show next week and he said he will see if Atlas has any help. I've e-mailed Atlas with the problem but they never responded. Maybe because they are aware of this problem and won't address it.

  7. 3railguy

    3railguy Member

    Earlier Atlas switches had a problem like this and Atlas resolved it. They have been fixing or replacing them. They should of answered your email. The problem is dead rails around the points that get no power. Some people solder jumpers wires. Do you have power fed to all three sides of the switches?

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