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Discussion in 'Everything else' started by Drakeo1, Dec 25, 2004.

  1. Drakeo1

    Drakeo1 New Member

    Hi i have an old Technics turntable and i was wondering if anyone knew how to replace the belt on it. mainly how to get the belt on the turntable. i just dont know how to get the turntabel open to put the belt on
  2. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

    can u please pic it or gave me the models of the truntebls?

    i have also 2 technics 1200
  3. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

    i just chck how i do in mine

    my technics are not with belt its electronics

    but i all so chck for u in my old sherweed truntebel

    u just theck the dish out carefully

    then u roling the belt around the base (in the insid of the dish)

    then u stretch the belt around the belt dirive engine

    last part

    put beck carefully the dish and be wach thet the belt not tack out from the engin and the bass of the dish

    put the slipmet on
    tack one of your fivorit records (mine is "u spind em around like a record" :) )

    press start
    put the hede on the vinyl

    some loud volum

    and have fun :)

    hope its help

    if not i will add some pic
  4. Drakeo1

    Drakeo1 New Member

    I sort of understand ill try that
    by the way i Have a Technics SL-BL3
  5. Drakeo1

    Drakeo1 New Member

    Hey yaniv how do you get the table off is there a screw or somthing i missed. is there a certain way i have to turn it?
  6. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member


    its culd to be
    in mine i not have

    just theck it up with litel power (not to mach)
    with the hands sticking the fingers in the jold in the tabel

    copel of minits i tray to got u some pic
  7. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

    sorry my freand but i not found any good pic on your truntebl :(
  8. cardfan

    cardfan Member

    You shouldn't have to open the unit at all. You probably just remove the rubber mat and pull up on the turntable itself. On my unit the belt rides on the outside edge of the turntable and to a small post on the drive motor.
  9. Drakeo1

    Drakeo1 New Member

    hey cardfan ive tried that but it only goes so far up
  10. Jim Nunn

    Jim Nunn Member

    Does the platter move up and down and can you pull the platter up over a 1/8 of an inch? If you can then what may be keeping the platter from coming up is vacuum you are creating as you try to remove the platter. I have seen this on most of the better turntables that have a solid shaft supporting the platter. On turntables that do not have a solid shaft you will typically find a clip ring on the support tube that protrudes through the support tube in to a grove in the platter shaft that keeps you from removing the platter.

    Lastly give Technics a call and ask if they can email you a service manual I know for the Pro Audio gear they will send out service manuals at no charge.

    Jim Nunn
  11. Texman

    Texman Guest

    What's a "turntable" ? ;^)

  12. Square

    Square Member

    alot of tables also have a keeper key or ring on the top side of the table remove it and the whole table comes up
  13. cardfan

    cardfan Member


    It is one of those things you use for what my children (teen agers) call "those giant disks". Man, now I feel old...
  14. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

    lol cardfan

    i am only 22 and i have 3 at home

    all my room is full of "giant discks"

    then not fill so old

    the qulity of anlog music is the best and the filing of music in your hends
  15. Texman

    Texman Guest


    Ya only got me by a couple o' years. I used to have a
    Technics turntable, but sold the whole system before
    my present move. Actually had some kid ask me "What's that"
    when pointing to it. That one sunk in hard!

    Have a good one


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