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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by trainoob, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. trainoob

    trainoob New Member

    OK, I'm new here. Basically what I want is a trackplan that isn't like a "loop". I have tried many different trackplans, but I get tired of them very quickly because the train just seems to go in a circle. The following things are things I would liek to see:
    -NOT loopy, but constantly running.
    -Freight yard
    -not too many switches
    -industrial spurs
    -Something interesting

    Anybody got any ideas?

  2. Clerk

    Clerk Active Member

    What scale and size of layout??

    By the way, "Welcome to The Gauge Scott"
  3. trainoob

    trainoob New Member

    Oh yeh! forgot about that!
    N scale.
    size...hmm...not too big, but not too small, medium?
    4x8 or bigger.
    sorry aobut that

  4. TrainClown

    TrainClown Member


    Hi Scott.

    God! 4'x8' for N gauge is an empire! Giant in layout terms. You may find it easyer to build it in modules 2'x4', this might be easyer to compleat.

    If you want to build your layout 4'x8' then you realy need to plan out what you want your train to do. IE run from town to town, go from the sea docks to the interiour factories, conect a big city with small towns or suburbs. Then you need to decide what your track elevations will be keeping in mind the grade you want your train to clime. Most guys run between 2% and 3.5% grade. A 2% grade means the track rises 2" in 100"of track length.

    These are all personal choices and it would be hard to design a satisfactory layout without realy knowing what you want. Mabie if you look at some layout pages one might find one that clicks for you, but to custom design one requires some more input, if you want to be happy with the results.

    I think you will find that planning, planning, planning should be the order of the day right now. You could always set up your trains on a bare piece of plywood just to get them running and see what posabilities you come up with.

    As you said in your post "something interesting" is in the eye of the beholder. Surf more posts and see what the other guys are doing. This will give you a better idea of what that "something interesting" might be.

    Just tryin' to help

    TrainClown ;)

    PS....The more planning you do now, the less rebuilding you will do later.
  5. Mikol

    Mikol New Member


    Yea man planning is da key. Measure thrice, cut once.
    many a fine design started out with idea in head but never made it to paper due to excitement. So do yo self a big favor and plan till it hurts cant go wrong there. I have personal experience here.:D :D :D

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