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  1. Hi all. My second post after introductions. I have the GPM B29, but has rescaned it and printed it out on A3 Glossy Paper. The plane is gonna be massive, but i would love to know what the scale is , if anyone could help please
  2. Amazyah

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    Do you know what the percentage was that your printer was printing at?
    The scale of the original model should be on the cover or inside cover.
    With those two figures and a little math you can figure out what you have.

  3. tx, i guess it is about 1:19 :), but i'll post pics of the monster, can say that cockpit floor is roughly 150mmx70mm!
  4. Amazyah

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    Wow, I build models that would easily fit in the cockpit.
    No wait a minute! I can put a few of them in there!

    Wow, that is a bigg'n!

  5. i am trying to get a english instruction for this b29, my polish is a bit.....o i dont understand it.....:)
  6. 46rob

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    If I wanted to determine scale, on an unknown model, I'd calculate the wingspan and overall length of the thing, based on the parts, and then scale it based on the real item's dimensions. Determine each scale independently. I'd average the two scales, as I have found that most models, plastic, wood, metal, paper or whatever, are seldom truly in perfect proportions.

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