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Discussion in 'Everything else' started by Jimi, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. Jimi

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    hi all. call me weird but a very beautiful bronze coloured long horned beetle just got into our house and hahaha! im intending to turn it into a la Jurassic Park insect encased in amber! I've been thinking bout using fiberglass resin but i fear that it's too cloudy. anyone know a better substitute? if the resin (or whatever) is transparent, the better

  2. Maurice

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  3. Jimi

    Jimi Member

    maurice- thanks! i just stuffed the thing in the fridge. well, good idea. i'd probably try to catch honeybees for practice runs. I sure hope i could find those resins. :? If i aint much too successful at finding the resin, i'd probably use a substitute. im thinking of either clear polyeurethane (we have a lot at home) or acrylic. i'd try to "post the beetle" when im done. hehehe.
  4. wunwinglow

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    I seem to remember you have to dessicate biological samples before you encase them, ie dry them out. There are some salt crystals for doing this, but I cannot recall just which chemical it is. However, if you don't dry them out properly, the bio material will decay inside the resin. Ugh....

    Tim P

    PS While you are at it, take a bunch of photographs, import them into Rhinoceros and design a paper model instead! I'd love to scare the ****** out of my boss with a 1 metre long beetle on his desk!!!!
  5. Jimi

    Jimi Member

    yeah. i'd probably dry the thing out. :D in this country, it's so hot that i could dry the thing without even exposing it to the sun! hehehe.

    - 1 meter long cardbeetle: good idea! hehehe. i'd try to do it if i get some spare time! but i think the beetle is so cute. why not try something more freaky like a 1 meter card centipede?! :D
  6. Gil

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    The following site has the information that you need:

    Further search keywords: specimen preserving "entomology"

    Best regards, Gil

    P.S. Tim, two things, one, at a meter length the boss will know it's fake and two, he'll still know you did it..., There's a freebie paper beetle available on one of the Asian sites (has a big horn on it).
  7. Maurice

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  8. wunwinglow

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    Gil, you don't know my boss.
    Maurice, OK, I'll not bother again.

    Tim P
  9. Jimi

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    hehehe. seems like i would have to kill the thing using ethyl alcohol. it's quite freaky. i forgot that insects do hibernate when put in the cold and hahaha i was surprised that it started to move afteri stuffed it in the fridge. i'd try to post it when im done with the encapsulated insect thingy.
  10. Maurice

    Maurice Member

    And here was me thinking it was a corpse you had put into a container in the fridge.:lol:. .... :roll:
  11. charliec

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    Acryllic resin is the usual medium for encapsulating biological specimens.
    You'll find that getting all the air bubbles out of the resin is quite difficult.
    Insects have a waxy coating over their exoskeletons which makes it hard
    to get good wetting of the resin on the insect.



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