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Discussion in 'Tips & FAQs' started by sergiotang95, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. sergiotang95

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    I have no idea how to print in 106% on my printer.:-? Can any of you help me?:???::???:

  2. BARX2

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    I'm not sure if every printer has this option, but with my Epson CX3810 you can increase the size by percentage in Properties, then Advanced, under the Page Layout tab.

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  3. rowiac

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    What brand printer do you have? The method will vary from printer to printer, but the concept is the same. BARX showed an Epson, and here's a Canon and HP.

    On my Canon you go from Print window to Properties, then Page Setup, then select Scaled Printing from the Printing Type pulldown menu. From there you can select the scaling percentage.

    On my old HP LaserJet, you select Properties in the Print window, then hit the Advanced button, and there is a scaling function that you can set to whatever you want.

    Your printer should have a similar feature. It's just a matter of finding it in the print setup.


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