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    SAGA_HAV New Member

    Hi Im Cuban and Im new in this papermodel stuff.
    I've just recently received some GUNDAMs papermodels (most of them SD) but not the assembly guides. Could anybody PLEASE help to get this through???
    Also I want to collect some mechas papermodels. I'm a big anime fan and here in Cuba it's very dificult (lets not say IMPOSSIBLE) to get them.
    Gundam Models are:

    Thanks a lot friend. Hope get in touch
    Saga of Gemini
  2. Jackrum

    Jackrum Member

    I've built the p69 Hazel myself,it doesn't come with instructions but with a PDO that u view with pepakura viewer to get an idea of how it goes together, it's a jigsaw puzzle I'm afraid! I will say that the Hazel is not something you should try as your introduction to card modeling, it's proper nails! If u like Mecha then I highly recommend the Front mission 4 Zenith and Blizzaria models. They look great and are relatively easy to put together. Just do a google search for them and I'm sure u'll find them easily.
  3. BARX2

    BARX2 Member

    Welcome to the forum Saga! Very nice to see a friend from Cuba. :)

    SAGA_HAV New Member

    Thanks for responding so quickly.
    I just recently assemble the EVA00 and I'm making modifications to turn it blue (I like it more) along with the shoulders plates. I have experience in assembly I'm a designer student so cutting and pasting is what I do for living ;)
    A DOUBT. Can passibly exist an EVA 02 papermodel??
    Keep posting friends.
    Thanks for helping
  5. 57townsman

    57townsman Member

    Hi Saga,

    Welcome to the forum! Sorry no 02 model exists yet. There is an 01 and a 00. If I recall correctly, Masamune Washington was designing an EVA 02 at one time but I think he abandoned that project. Maybe you could do one :twisted:


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