HELP with P-40e model

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by lonewolf46515, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. lonewolf46515

    lonewolf46515 New Member

    Front cover:

    Kartonowy Arsenal
    Curtiss P-40e
    1:33 Index 328111
    2/2004 ISSN 1231-847
    Naklad;8000 egz

    Ok, this is the model I downloaded. It is an awsome model with the need of some major concentration! I need to find out if anyone else has done this model? If they have does anyone have the wrighten instructions in english to start with. I could really use them! All i have is a merky gray photo to go from on parts location. also if you have done this model how do you fold the front under noes cowl/airvents? (parts numberd 21cp, 21cl, 21) to create the upsidedown "Y" in the nose? Is it color in or color out? Please help I am new to a model of this degree!! but its one of my favorite planes! If you can help than PLEASE drop me a line!!!!!!!
  2. lonewolf46515

    lonewolf46515 New Member

    I do believe this is where i got the model from. They have some great ones there and they are free to download so thats a major bonus for people like me who are just starting off.
    Link removed as a PIRATE SITE!
  3. PloniAlmoni

    PloniAlmoni New Member

    These are pirated kits. meaning - the publishers of those kits, most likely did not give their permission to offer all those kits for free download.

    What is the forum policy regarding such cases?
  4. lonewolf46515

    lonewolf46515 New Member


    I didnt relize it was a pirate account. all it said was could not resale keep for personal use. how do you tell if its a "pirate" site? is it if the models are free?
  5. PloniAlmoni

    PloniAlmoni New Member

    Am I the only paper modeler here? Can anyone answer his question please.
  6. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Patience, please.

    Pirate sites commonly offer models "for free" as long as it is for personal use, however this can be a misnomer; generally if you find a site that offers what are clearly scanned copies of a model, particually one that is clearly commercial, it is likely a pirate site.

    That said, there are many sites that DO offer free models; but you can instantly tell the difference as the files do not have professional commercial covers, are not scanned, and will generally have a disclaimer in them from the designer stating "free for personal use" and the designer's email.

    When in doubt, contact the designer!

    As far as forum policy, we do not tolerate pirates or pirate sites. What you decide to do with the kit you downloaded is up to you and is a matter of personal conscience.
  7. lonewolf46515

    lonewolf46515 New Member

    sorry if i offended

    I wasnt trying to upset anyone here. my friend told me about this site and that i might get some help when needed. I'm an outa work father with three boys who's just trying to find some things that are AFFORDABLE to do with my boys. this is a site for paper models and I've seen bootleg copies here also with no one complaining. the model I have has a cover page and everything to it (ie not photo copied) but the written instructions are in a laungage i cant read. the only differance is that i didnt order it and wait for it in the mail or go to a stoe to buy it. thats the only reason why i even bothered to ask for help from people who i figured might have already done it. mostly to see if they had any tips for the problem i ran into. wall1
  8. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    No offence taken!

    I can understand your frustration; piracy is rampant and it can be tough to find out what is a legit site/model versus a pirated one. Honestly, with all things, only experience helps.

    We'd be happy to help with finding legit sites/models; we have a subforum that lists several popular sites, and all of the models in our download section are free and legit.

    If there are bootleg or pirated models on this site, please point out the relevant threads/posters and it will be taken care of immediately.

    We'll be happy to help with tips, but please refrain from posting the link to the site you found it at. Hopefully someone has built the model and will be able to help you. You might also try contacting the designer/manufacturer directly. There's a whole horde of airplane nuts over at; try asking there as well, but beware of the link! sign1
  9. lonewolf46515

    lonewolf46515 New Member

    thank you

    will do if i come across them again and thank you ill keep looking:wave:
  10. lonewolf46515

    lonewolf46515 New Member


    I take it eighther no one else has done this model or are we just blackballed from assistance? lol just joking ya'll just checking to see if anyone remembers this paticular model. the P-40e is one i have but i also have numerous others to print and try. I'll help people when or where I can in the "community". So I hope to get some advice from more experianced or seasoned model builders also. They say when a student is ready to learn then a teacher shall appear. So my boys and I hope it's true! :mrgreen:
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